The Fame Game

This was all I ever wanted, since I can remember I knew I was destined for the stage, the screen, the fans, and the fame. It was what I was meant to be, I knew it and I would do whatever it took to get the fame I deserved...


4. So long 'V' card, nice knowing you...

I got my phone out, and rung Jamie,

“Hey babe, what’s the big news then?” He asked,

“Well, erm, I’m going away for a bit this Saturday…”

“What? For a holiday?” I huffed, lying down on my bed, I didn’t want to leave him.

“No, well yes. No… I’m going away for a long time, six months, to live with my dad.” His voice croaked,

“I… errrr… I thought you didn’t know your dad?”

“Well not really, it’s just I want to go and enrol at a stage school in New York and dad wants to see me and…”

“What about us?” He asked, and I froze,

“What about it?” I coughed,

“Are we still, like together?” I sat up, was he really asking this?

“Of course, I love you Jamie.”

“I love you too Lindsey, I know you’ve dreamed of all that, go, I want you to go. I’ll be here babe.” Why was he so perfect?

“Thanks Jamie.”

“Did you want to come over, before you go, my parents aren’t in…” He whispered, my heart skipped a beat, what was he suggesting, did he mean just to hang out or…?

“Yeah sure, I’ll be over soon okay?”

“Looking forward to it! Bye beautiful.” I gulped hanging up my mobile. I looked up at myself in the mirror, I looked completely fine. My curled blonde hair, blue eyes and pouty pink lips, I looked ready but was I?


People had always assumed I’d been and done all that, considering 2 years ago this guy called Todd spread a rumour that me and him had gone the full monty plus a few extra ‘treats’ at my best friend Sophie’s house party. It was a load of shit but still the whole school had managed to find out and even Sophie believed it! Really what happened was that we’d gone into Sophie’s room together, I assumed we were just going to kiss and fool around a bit, but he must of got the completely wrong end of that stick! We weren’t even dating, I think we were just very drunk but I can still remember his sloppy drunk kisses, his cold sweaty palms up my top. But we were only in there 5 minutes, maybe 10 at the most, not enough time for two extremely drunk teenagers try and unhook a bra let alone do all the stuff he claimed we’d done! So people had always assumed I’d done all that stuff, like it was no biggy, and I thought when I came to it that it wouldn’t be a biggy. Turns out that the full monty is one very, very, very big biggy!


“Hey beautiful.” Jamie planted a kiss right on my lips, normally we’d go full on tongues, but the nerves made me pull away. He had a questioning look on his face, I gulped hard.

“I… erm, I don’t feel that great.” I whispered as he closed the door behind us,

“Oh’. Would you like a drink or something?” I nodded as I followed him into the kitchen. “You looking forward to the city babe?” He asked as he poured me a glass of water,

“Yeah, a bit nervous I guess… That’s probably why I feel ill.” He passed me the glass of water kissing me again,

“You’ll be great, you’re so beautiful and talented Linds you know that! They’ll love you, I do anyway.” I sipped my water,

“It’s my Dad I guess; he has a new family and that.” He bit his lip and my legs turned to jelly, how was I with someone so hot?

“Don’t worry about it, I’ll miss you Lindsey so much!” I blushed,

“You promise you won’t go off with some other slut?” He laughed,

“There’s only one slut for me!” He winked at me as he moved over to me, I looked up at him.

“And who would that be?” I smirked,

“Erm, she’s really hot, blonde and slightly crazy!” He laughed; he brought his lips to mine,

“She sounds pretty cool…” I whispered before he kissed me, this kiss was different than any other kiss; it was longer and more passionate. I opened my eyes slowly, his eyes were closed tightly, I smiled and inside I felt warm and fuzzy, things just felt right. Maybe this was the right time. His muscly arms wrapped tightly around my waist, we’d entered into new snogging territory that I’d never entered into before. His kiss was strong, opened mouths with tongues. His arms moved under my top and his big hands making circled on my back, pulling me closer to him. Then he stopped, staring at me,

“Are you sure you’re ready for this?” He asked me, I smiled, he’s so perfect.

“Of course, you mean everything to me J.” He smirked before he resumed kissing heaven, and I felt like I was floating.


Things had escalated pretty quickly; my top was off first, Jamie throwing it to the floor.

“Maybe we should go somewhere a bit more private Jamie?” I whispered as he planted kisses on my neck, he nodded, smirking at me. He grabbed my hand tight, and we both ran up the stairs, I let out a little giggle and ran into his room, leaving my top downstairs. I really hoped he meant his parents were going to be out for the night or they’re going to find out what their angel son was doing upstairs before they got up here! Jamie pinned me against the wall, his kisses stronger and stronger, whilst he pulled off his top, and throwing it to the floor revealing his defined torso. His body was warm against mine, I know me and him were just right.


I glanced across at Jamie, he was sleeping, his body still red and sweaty. That’s it, I’d lost the ‘V’ card, even though most people thought I’d given away that card years ago, but it was more painful than I’d imagined, but still perfect. I pulled Jamie’s duvet up higher so my naked body was completely covered in the cool material. I rolled over so I had my back to Jamie, his clock by his bed said it was 11:30pm, mum was officially going to freak out soon. I couldn’t stay the night or she’d know exactly what I was doing with Jamie, I put my hand down reaching for my phone. My mobile light made Jamie’s room glow; I had 2 missed calls and 5 texts. Most of the texts were from my girlfriends, or from want to be popular inviting me to some house party this weekend, mum had text me.

‘Hello Sweetie, can you get home soon? It’s late and I want to go to bed. Call me and I’ll pick you up if you want? :) xxxx’ I defiantly needed to leave, I looked back at Jamie but he was still asleep should I wake him up? I got up and grabbed underwear from the end of the bed, quickly putting them on, feeling around the dark floor to try and find my shoes and jeans.

“Lindey?” I turned to see Jamie sitting up in bed,

“Jamie I have to go, mum wants me back home.” I walked back over to the bed and crawled over to him,

“Okay, thanks for tonight beautiful, you were great!” He winked at me and I giggled,

“No problem, I could say the same for you too.” He laughed as we kissed passionately again,

“Would you like me to drive you home?” I nodded, as I kissed him again. “Let me just go and get dressed yeah?” I rolled back off his bed,

“Sure, I’m going to get my top from the kitchen before your parents find it!” He laughed, as I made my way out of his room and down the stairs. The house was in complete darkness, the kitchen only lit by the moonlight; I grabbed my t-shirt from the floor and put it on.


In a few days I’d be gone, no more Jamie, no more kisses, no more… erm, bedroom goings on! After tonight I realised how much Jamie meant to me, a few months ago we were just friends and now we’d done it and something inside me wanted to stay here. I wanted to run upstairs, cuddle up with Jamie and Jamie would tell me he’d be there forever and everything will be fine.

“Ready to go Linds?” I turned to see Jamie standing in the doorway, running his hand through his messy brown hair, his face half lit up by the moonlight.

“Yeah…” I needed to snap out of it, I had to go to New York; Jamie would be here when I got back. I suddenly felt nervous, it couldn’t be because I didn’t trust him to stay loyal for six months, but it was most likely that it was meeting my dad… Yeah that was it.

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