The Fame Game

This was all I ever wanted, since I can remember I knew I was destined for the stage, the screen, the fans, and the fame. It was what I was meant to be, I knew it and I would do whatever it took to get the fame I deserved...


7. New York, New York...

Cherry pulled off the main roads of New York, down a tree lined street, it felt like you were no longer in the city because the street was so quiet, I couldn’t work out if the large neatly kept buildings were houses or apartments.

“This is your dad’s town house.” Cherry parked the car in front of the tall stone house; I couldn’t even see where the house ended because the trees made it look like it reached into the sky. I’d done some research about the cost of property in the city and small apartments were worth hundreds of thousands so this house must be worth millions. Cherry had already got my bags from the boot, so I hopped out and followed her up the stairs to the front door where she rang the doorbell.

“I’ve forgotten my key but the house keeper will let us in.” I bit my lip, this house had so much staff, I never realised how rich dad was.


The door swung upon to reveal a small girl, about 13, staring me up and down. She had perfectly curled blonde hair, just like mine, pale skin, rosy cheeks, and pink lips, just like a doll.

“Who’s she Cherry?” She glared me up and down, nice to meet you too little sis.

“I’m Lindsey Parks sweetie.” I glared back at her, as her mouth fell open,

“Well I’m Porsche Parks... Sweetie.” She gave me daggers, almost as good as mine, then she looked back at Cherry, “Mum said no guests today Cherry, she’s stressed. Like big time. Someone important is meant to arrive today or something.” Porsche rolled her eyes,

“I know Porsche doll but Mrs Park’s is expecting Lindsey, so can we come in please?” Porsche scoffed, before moving out the way of the door.

“Okay but you are going to have to explain who she is…” I walked through the door way behind Cherry, getting another set of daggers from my little sister. A large staircase was to the right of the long hallway that we stood in, which didn’t have coats hanging over the end like the one at home, the rest of the hall was stylishly dressed in gold and whites, with a massive glass diamond chandelier hanging above us hat must of cost thousands. About 5 doors ran off the hall, with a large opening at the end which by the look of it was a living room; my home back in England was considered massive and was in the most exclusive area of town but this house made it seem tiny. I glanced down at the shiny wooden floor, I felt bad to be standing on it,

“Should I take my shoes off?” I looked back at Cherry, who smiled, then at Porsche, who looked at me like I’d grown another head,

“Are you being serious?” She giggled; Cherry put her hand on my shoulder,

“No doll, keep them on.” Cherry was helping me feel less nervous, even though I felt I was about to sick up all over this spotless floor. I could hear footsteps upstairs,

“Mom Cherry is back and she’s brought some girl.” Porsche shouted, her piercing voice echoing through the house. I looked up at the staircase, a pair of long legs appeared at the top of the stairs, they were wearing a towering pair of red heels. A woman came down, I was expecting someone more my dad’s age… But I was wrong. She was dressed immaculately, making my clothes look like a track-suit; her hair was long and blonde, just reaching past her shoulders. Her skin was perfect, and I was sure was helped with a little bit of Botox. She walked gracefully across the hallway, her heels clicking on the wooden hallway floor; she saw me and smiled with her plump red lips and her perfectly white teeth.

“You must be Lindsey!” She pulled me into her, giving me a tight hug. It felt awkward because she was still a stranger to me. She let go a bit to take a look at me, “You are a beautiful young lady, I can see your dad in you! Oh’ sweetie it’s going to be great having an older girl around! Do you like yoga? We could go to yoga! That’ll be fun!” I tried to smile, why were both my mums complete nut jobs? I saw Lindsey staring at us; she looked as shocked at this reaction from her mum as I was.

“Erm, mom, who the hell is she?” Her mum glared at her, before turning back to me, her hands still grabbing my shoulders.

“I’m Emma, but your dad told you that right? Oh’ sweetie relax, relax! I’m sure Cherry made you feel right at home, right Cherry?” She smiled at Cherry who was still surrounded by my bags,

“Of course Mrs Parks!” Cherry laughed, “I’ll go and put your bags in your room Lindsey doll, should I get Kate to make up your room and then James to get some drinks in the garden ladies?” Emma let go of me at last, nodding at Cherry.

“Okay, I’ll just pretend that this is normal then!” Porsche huffed before storming off through the archway at the end of the hall.

“As you may be aware, that is my eldest daughter Porsche, she’s 13 and very moody! My bubas are around somewhere, you just seem to lose the twins! Actually they might be at the ballpark with the nanny, one boy and one girl, called Bella and Chad. You’ll love them!” Emma couldn’t get her words out fast enough, but at least she wasn’t the ‘evil step mum’, I mean ‘mom’. “Would you like some soda Lindsey and some candy? Come, come!” She clicked off across the floor, I followed her through the opening at the end of the hall, which led to a large living room, the walls covered in photo frames, and then into a large open plan kitchen. Porsche was sitting at the breakfast bar, clicking away at her phone; she looked up briefly before continuing to type on her phone. A large man in an apron cleaned the surfaces and smiled at me as I hopped up onto a seat on the breakfast bar next to Porsche, she took a sip of a glass of water she had next to her.

“James, can we can my two beautiful daughters some soda?” I looked at Emma who was beaming, then to Porsche who almost spat out her water all over me, she gulped it loudly, her eyes wide.

“What the hell?! Mom, what the hell is going on?” She kept looking at me, then her mum, “You’re her mom? You’re her daughter? Oh’ good lord! Mom!!!” She screamed, but Emma stayed completely calm while James tried to carry on like normal, passing us cans of coke.

“We have the same dads.” I said quietly, but Porsche was now standing up.

“No. No we don’t! Daddy would have told me!” She screamed, her pale skin turning red with rage, “Oh’ my good mom, why didn’t you tell me I had an older sister?! And she’s British!? Oh’ god! Are you for real mom!?” She glared at me; I took a deep gulp of my Coke, “Oh’ my god! I’m adopted aren’t I!? I knew it.” She snatched her Coke from the counter,

“Porsche I have to say I’ve been working here for years before you were born and I’m very sure you weren’t adopted.” James said smirking, as he lent against the counter next to Emma, Porsche looked away folding her arms,

“How do I not know my mum, if you actually are my mum, paid you to say this?! I’ve watched the films! Was she kidnapped too mum?” What a little brat.

“Lindsey sweetie, why don’t you go upstairs, see if the room is up to your British standard, your bags are upstairs, so you can sort out your stuff?” I nodded, and headed out the kitchen even though I had completely no idea where I was going. “Go up the stairs, and then along the corridor, then up the second set of stairs and it’s the second door on the left. I think we need a little chat don’t we Porsche?” I smiled back at them, Emma grinned back. What a lovely little girl. 

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