The Fame Game

This was all I ever wanted, since I can remember I knew I was destined for the stage, the screen, the fans, and the fame. It was what I was meant to be, I knew it and I would do whatever it took to get the fame I deserved...


6. First class departures...

I walked through departures on my way to the first class lounge skipping the queues and queues of tired looking holiday makers. I couldn’t help but crack a smile that I could just stroll right past them, I could get used to this, no more waiting in line with smelly optimistic and the occasional drunk holiday makers. I glanced up at the sign, ‘Virgin First Class Lounge’; I pushed a glass door open and walked into the lounge. The room was big and stylishly dressed in reds, greys and blacks, a large chandelier hung from the ceiling gently lighting chair and table booths and red sofas. A few business men and women sat in the booths typing away at laptops and i-pads.

“Ticket please?” I smartly dressed woman stared at me from across the desk near the door, she looked me up and down, they must not get a lot of 16 year old girls come in here. I reached into my hand luggage bag as the woman typed away at her computer.

“Lindsey Parks?” The woman asked me as I put my ticket on the desk,

“Yeah that’s me.” She looked over the ticket and passed me back the ticket.

“My Name is Kim, I’ll be looking after you for you dad. Make sure you get to New York in one piece.” Kim pouted at me with her red lipstick covered lips; they matched her perfectly turned out red uniform.

“Oh’ okay.” I was sure I could look after myself, but I guess it was nice of Dad to make sure I was safe at all times.

“Would you like a drink Lindsey? Something to eat perhaps? Follow me.” I nodded, she came out from behind her desk, and wiggled her way across the room to the bar on the far side of the lounge. “Don’t worry about paying, your dad said to put it all on his card. He seems such a lovely man.” She grinned at me,

“I bet he is…” I muttered she obviously found his unlimited bank account very ‘lovely’.

“What was that?” She turned to me smiling,

“Nothing…” A guy who was cleaning the bar looked up at me,

“So what can I get you kid?” He was American, his black t-shirt tight against his muscles, he reminded me of Jamie.

“Erm…” I bit my lip trying not to be distracted by his hotness. “I’ll just have a mineral water please.” He smiled before reaching into the fridge, pulling out a bottle of mineral water and a glass and putting it down on the bar.

“£4 please doll.” He said, but before I could say anything Miss gold digger air hostess chirped in,

“Put it on Mr Park’s card please Todd.” She grinned at me, then at Todd the bar guy.

“Okay then.” Todd walked away and continued to clean and tidy the bar.


I found a booth on the other side of the lounge, as far away from everyone as I could, luckily Kim didn’t decide to join me but I could feel her eyes staring at me. I pulled out my phone from my bag, mum had text me about 3 times,

‘Hey sweetie, just checking you’re okay? Love Mum xxx’ ‘I know you’re fine, just wondering if you’re in the lounge yet?’ ‘Lindsey please Text me when you are about to leave and when you get there. Love you xxx’

I smiled to myself; I was going to miss mum and her obsessive texting a lot, I text her back:

‘Just in the lounge now, going to start boarding the plane in 20 mins, love you. I’ll text you when I get to NY. Don’t buy the crop top please! Xxxxxxx <3’

I looked across the room, more smart looking (rich) people shuffled into the lounge, Todd was now busy at the bar and another guy had joined him to help with the rush. On the plus side this amount of people were keeping Kim busy checking their tickets and checking them in, thank goodness! There was a messaged I’d missed from Jamie,

Hi Lindsey, I know you probably won’t be able to reply to it as you’ll be on your way to the big apple, but it doesn’t matter. The other night was the best and you made me see how much you mean to me <3 I love you more than anyone Lindsey and I promise with all my heart I will stay faithful to you until you come back. I’m sure you’ll be amazing in America and you’ll be famous, because you are so talented and beautiful. Don’t go running off with any of those American boys ;) In a few months I’ll come and visit you yeah? You’ll still have Skype right? Please Skype me every day, well not every day but maybe every few? I love you sooooooo much and I’ll miss you more than anything babe but I know you’ll do me and your mum proud. Good luck with your dad and whatever you do. Love your amazing (and super-hot) best boyfriend in the world, Jamie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <3’

I had a lump in my throat, why have I left realising that I loved Jamie this much this late? How did I reply to that? I took a last gulp of water to stop the tears from coming, and glanced at the clock, any minute now everyone for first class would be boarding the plane to New York. No going back now.

“Lindsey sweetie, time to get on the plane.” I looked up to see Kim standing next to me table, so I stuffed my phone into my bag, checking to see my tickets and passport was in there and followed Kim out of the lounge and towards the departures gate.


I walked through the airport, the flight seemed to go on for hours because first class was so boring and quiet, I think I preferred sitting with normal people then at least I’d have someone to talk to, the suited men and women clicking away for 99.9% of the flight didn’t seem very chatty. I pulled along my suitcase, my handbag slung across my arm, as I walked through arrivals; I wasn’t really sure where I was walking to, was dad picking me up, did I have to get a bus or something? I walked through the final door where lots of people crowded behind the barrier holding signs with names on. A woman ran past me, I watched her as she ran up to a man who embraced her, picking her up and spinning her around, the kissing her. I smiled, it made me think of me and Jamie, did that girl go away to follow her dreams and now they’re reunited after 6 months? They looked happy anyway.

I carried on scanning the signs, people pushing past me finding people to pick them up. Then I saw one in the crowd, held up by a round black woman who was looking around, ‘Lindsey Parks’. She caught my gaze; she smiled and beckoned me over. I walked round the barrier and over to her,

“Hey sweetie, it’s nice to meet you finally! You just look like your dad you know that! Oh’ my name is Cherry, your dad’s secretary and general superwoman to the Parks household!” She laughed, she was so New York, but it made me feel better that at least someone here was welcoming.

“I talked to you on the phone right?” I asked her and she grinned again,

“Yeah that was me doll! Can I take your case for you?” Before I could object she’d taken my case and was started to leave the airport, I followed her. “You’re dad really wanted to come and meet you at the airport but he’s working today sweetie, but he’ll be back later. Emma, your step-mum will be at home, and your sisters and brothers.” I really just wanted to see Dad not his stuffy new wife,

“Oh’ great…” I muttered, but I must be a really rubbish mutterer because Cherry heard me,

“I know it must be weird sweet but she’s looking forward to having an older girl in the house to spoil, you see all your siblings are little.” Note to self: get better at muttering or keep it in your head. Cherry stopped outside this big, polished, black land rover, reached into her pocket and clicked the car open. “Here we are, I’ll put your case in the back, hop in.” Cherry went round the back of the car and I opened the door and slide onto the front seat, it was practically identical to mum’s car apart from our emergency lip gloss and mints we kept in the compartment near the gear stick, but for a few minutes it felt like I was back at home with mum until Cherry got in.

“How long is it until we get to Dad’s” I asked her just to make conversation as we pulled out onto the main road, I think it’s a highway but I’m not completely up to scratch with American terms yet.

“Well he lives on the Upper East Side, so about half an hour; hopefully we’ll miss the traffic if we get onto the toll roads quickly and into New York.” I looked up at the sky, it was clear and blue, completely different to the weather I’d left behind, the temperature on the dash said it was 25˚c.

“Are we not in New York now then?” I asked her, she smiled at me shaking her head,

“We’re in Brooklyn, my family are more from here but you won’t come here very much or at all.” The car pulled off onto a toll road,

“Why not?” I looked around, hoping that New York would pop out from beyond the horizon.

“You’ll be from the Upper East Side doll; those sorts of people don’t really come here period.” I smirked; it was funny hearing the ‘word’ period in a sentence that isn’t to do with womanly issues, “What’s so funny?” Cherry looked at me, I couldn’t help but laugh,

“It’s just… erm, well in England we don’t say period like that…” Cherry shock her head and laughed,

“Oh’ the British!” I laughed as well, I knew I already I liked Cherry and she may end up being my only friend.

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