The Fame Game

This was all I ever wanted, since I can remember I knew I was destined for the stage, the screen, the fans, and the fame. It was what I was meant to be, I knew it and I would do whatever it took to get the fame I deserved...


3. Calling Dad...

I dialled Dad’s number into the phone, mum only agreed to let me ring him if she wasn’t in the house at the time, so she went to the supermarket because we were ‘running out of wine’, but we weren’t, we have a fridge of wine.

“Hello Mr Parks residence how can I help you?” A New Yorker accent shocked me, I just expected for Dad to pick up but Dad was obviously too classy to answer his own phone.

“Erm… hi, I’m Lindsey Parks... Mr Park’s daughter…” The lady shuffled something,

“His daughter?” She questioned, I guess I was kept a secret in New York,

“Yes, is he there?”

“Let me just see sweetie…” I heard some muffled talking in the background, something about me of course.

“Hello, Lindsey is that you?” Dad’s American twanged voice echoed down the phone,

“Yes daddy.” He used to always like when I called him daddy,

“I’ve missed you very much, how old are you now? 14?” I laughed; it has been a long time.

“16 daddy, I’m 17 next week.” I heard Dad whisper something to someone, I wondered if his new wife knew I existed.

“Wow! You’re a woman now! But why have you rung Lindsey?” He seemed to find it weird that I’d rung him; it stung, considering he was my Dad.

“Just to say hi I guess…” Maybe going live with him was a stupid idea considering he didn’t like me ringing just to say hi to him?

“Does your mum know you’re ringing me Lindsey?” I gulped,

“Yes…” He gulped,

“Oh’.” I didn’t expect things to be this bad between me and him. He’d obviously tried to forget that he had a teenage daughter he didn’t want to know. “Do you know about Emma Lindsey?” He broke the silence.


“My… erm… wife.” He chocked,

“Yes Dad.” He gulped, hopefully feeling guilty for being a crappy Dad.

“I should have told you Lindsey, I should have been a better dad to you.” I gulped hard, this was my chance to try and get to New York.

“Dad, I’m going to study theatre I think, maybe acting.” He sounded relieved that I’d changed the subject,

“That’s very impressive, I’m proud of you. Fame and fortune huh?”

“Well hopefully… but erm, I want to study in New York…”

“The big city, maybe I’ll be seeing more of you! Did you know I lived in the city Lindsey?”

“Yes Dad, that’s what I wanted to ask actually…” I heard a woman’s voice whisper in the background, was it Emma? Or that secretary? “Dad, I really really want to study in New York and mum won’t let me go unless I stay with you and I’d love to get to know my Dad and that and erm… yeah.” I spat out. Opps.

“This is very sudden Lindsey, is it really what you and Lisa, I mean your mum wants?”

“Yes, I promise.”

“Can you pass me to your mum sweetie?” He asked his voice serious now.

“No! She’s not here right now.”

“When will she be back?” I glanced at the clock, she’d been gone half an hour, so she’d be back any minute.

“Soon. Can I get her to ring you back?”

“Yeah sure, bye Lindsey.”

“Bye Dad.”

I told mum to phone dad back, of course she needed a lot of convincing to ring someone she hated so much but after a while she agreed. I sat in the living room, hoping that I’d overhear mum talking to dad in the kitchen, but unfortunately she shut the kitchen door after herself.


My phone buzzed in my pocket, I pulled it out to see a new text from Jamie,

‘Hi didn’t c u 2day bbe, r u ok? Did ur singing thing go ok? Ly xxxxxxx <3’ I wasn’t sure whether to reply after what Kathy said Jamie had told everyone, considering we haven’t done anything really, he would be a big fat lying dick head. I could hear mum talking in the kitchen, but not loud enough to hear what she was saying so I text Jamie back.

‘Hi J, I went 2 some meeting & been busy. Soz I missed u <3 Exam went shit, sir mucked it up :’( Got some big news though! :D xxxxxxxxxx <3’ I dropped my phone next to me on the sofa, why was mum taking so long? My phone buzzed again, Jamie was a quick replier!

‘What is it babe? I’ll ring u? :) xxxxxxxx <3’ I text him back,

‘I’ll ring u in 5 mins? xxxxxx <3’ The kitchen was now silent, so I tucked my phone in my pocket and walked into the kitchen. Mum was leaning against the island in the kitchen staring at the phone,

“Mum?” She glanced up at me, “What’s wrong?”

“I’m going to lose my baby for 6 months…” My mouth fell open,

“You mean…? You mean I’m going to go to New York?” She nodded, glugging back another glass of wine. I ran over to her, hugging her and planting a kiss on her cheek, “I love you mum, I won’t let you down I promise!”

“I know you won’t my little star.” I stocked my hair from my face,

“When do I go mum?” I asked her, she smiled,

“Saturday… You’re dad has booked you a ticket and you break up for summer, so I can call the school and let them know are not going to sixth form for now anyway…” I hugged her again,

“Oh’ god! This Saturday?” She nodded,

“But you can come home whenever you want I’ll be here and then we’ll consider everything after six months is up okay?” I smiled,

“Yeah mum and I’ll call you every day.”

“Does this mean that I can get that crop top?” I glared at her, but I hoped she was joking. I took her glass and took a sip of the wine, it was gross but I needed it. “Will you and Jamie break up sweetie?” I almost chocked on the drink,

“No, why?!” I loved Jamie; well I thought that I did,

“Well you won’t be here, you might want to see new people, have a break maybe?” I took another sip, “Hey that’s enough of that Linds!” She took the glass off me,

“I don’t know mum, I’m going to talk to him later.”

“Okay sweetie, whatever you want to do.” I walked out the kitchen and ran up the stairs to my room. I wondered if I’d have a room at my dad’s, it would be small I imagined, nothing like my massive room here. Did I take everything here? I had no idea.

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