I Wish I Hated You

Bethany Hanson hated Niall Horan. She hated him to bits. But one day something happens. That makes him change everything he thinks about her. As this happens, she realized what he meant to her.

But Bethany gets caught up in things she never wanted to.


4. Thanking Niall.


"Thank you, Justin, today was wonderful." I smiled. "Of course, it was my pleasure babe." he smirked. "I'll be sure to hit you up on Twitter." he said. "Yeah, haha. Bye, thank you so much, again." I said, it was like my smile was permanently drawn on my face. He only smiled, and reached in for a hug. 
 His hug, was like sunshine and gumdrops. It was like I was riding on a purple, fluffy, unicorn. It was soft at first, then it got tighter. It was perfect. 

As his muscular arms retracted from  my body, he opened his mouth. "Harry and Louis are waiting for you at the front." he smiled. "I hope I can see you again, Beth." he said. "Me too." I smiled. "Bye beautiful." he waved as we walked away from each other. 

I walked around the building, smiling like a freak. I was in such a beautiful mood this evening. The boys set up for Justin and I to go on a blind date. The only thing they told him is that I was a fan. As I turned the corner, I saw the shaggy-headed boy, and his best friend. As they finished laughing about something on Louis's phone, Harry waved me over. 

I smiled so hard, and jetting towards which ever one of them I could hug first. As I came to impact, I opened my eyes to see that I chose Louis. "THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH. OH MY GOD." I blabbered on. I moved from Louis to Harry, squeezing both of them as hard as I could. "I can't breath." He said.
"Sorry." I smiled up at them both.

We got into the car, and I didn't say a word. I was only thinking of the things that happened today. "You should thank Niall, when we get back." Harry said. "Why?" I scoffed. "He contacted Justin." Louis added. "He must've been reluctant at first, huh?" I asked. "The second time we asked him he said yes. You really should, he did a lot for you to meet him." Louis said, turning back from the wheel. 

"Fine." I pouted. Harry smacked my leg. "Disrespectful young lady." he joked, pointing his finger in my face. "What are you my mum?" I joked. "Yeah, I am." he nodded, while his eyebrows arched on his forehead. 
"Go on and thank him." Louis pushed me from my back. I rolled my eyes and approached him. "Niall." I said. He looked up at me. "Thank you for getting Justin to meet me." I said. "This is a first." he smirked. "I'm waiting to hear a 'you're welcome.'" I said. He tilted his head, while coming closer to me. 

"You're welcome, Beth." he smirked. Then went upstairs. I looked at the floor, still in the same position. My head slightly tilted, and my lips a little pursed. I turned on my heel towards the door, to be stopped by Zayn. "Where's my hug hoe?" he opened up his arms. I smiled and hugged him around his neck. 

"Thank you, really, and I can see Liam isn't here so, hug him for me." I smiled. "Do you need to be dropped off home?" Zayn asked. "Yeah, that'd be nice." I smiled. 

'While I thanked my worst enemy for helping me meet my idol, I realized something. That it could change a lot of things between us. And, I was willing to give that a try.'   I wrote on the screen. I clicked 'save.' And climbed into bed. I think I could want to try and change things between Niall and I. I closed my eyes and dreamt about things that are unexplainable.      


  (A/N): I know I haven't been on in MONTHS, but it's because, I had super duper bad writers block. And my grandmother recently passed away in May. Very sudden and tragic. Um, I'll hopefully be on more. I'll try and update more. :) 


I want to see how many people actually read my notes, so comment, 'Veronica and Marcel' if you read this. :) And be Happy for BSE tomorrow! I'm so excited !!   ~*~Diana~*~  
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