I Wish I Hated You

Bethany Hanson hated Niall Horan. She hated him to bits. But one day something happens. That makes him change everything he thinks about her. As this happens, she realized what he meant to her.

But Bethany gets caught up in things she never wanted to.


3. My Idol?!

Niall ran up to the boys, doing a hand shake with both of them. Then he looked at me. I only scowled at him. "Beth." he said, amused. I scoffed and turned away. "Hey, c'mon stop, I'm not gonna spend a day with you two constantly bickering." Jeremy complained. "Ignore each other." he added. "I can do that without a problem." I stated. I saw him smirk at me from the corner of my eye. 

"C'mon, yeah?" Harry said, facing away from us, but turning back, and waving his hand forward to follow him. Niall walked next to Harry, and Jeremy walked next to me. "I promise, you're going to have a good day." Jeremy smiled. I smiled at the ground, not really believing his statement.

● We finally reached the mall, me staring at my phone the entire walk, because I really didn't feel like dealing with his Irish ass. Harry tried to speak to me, but I was zoned out into my phone. He grabbed my phone and shoved it into his pocket. "Harreh!" I lunged towards him. "Nuh-uh-uhh! You'll get it back after we leave." Harry explained. "But Harry!-" I started. "No. Now, where shall we go first?" he said, lifting his head up, smiling, as if he was proud of his force.

"Erm, GameStop?" I suggested. "Perfect." Jeremy stared into space. "Ok, then, let's go." Niall said. 

We walked down the mall, people staring at the boys, mostly Directioners. Obviously, we had to stop and take a picture. It would be only fair. I could understand. I mean, I am a Belieber and if I saw Justin Bieber waltzing down the mall, I'd shit my pants. And then, you know, make him fall in love with me. I smiled deviously at my thoughts. 

"Uh, Beth?" Harry asked me weirdly. I looked at him as if he caught me killing someone. "Uh? Yeah?" I asked. "What are you thinking about?" he questioned curiously. "Probably about banging you." Niall added. "Would you shut your face." I lunged at him. "No, I don't want to." he said behind clenched teeth. "Ok, enough." Jeremy pushed Niall and I away from each other. "Go back to Ireland." I mumbled under my breath. I felt his eyes on me and he huffed and turned back.

"Now would you c'mon, we have a surprise for you, Bethy." Harry said. My pout turned into a skip of happiness.                        ● Harry, Jeremy, and Niall took me behind the mall and into a large, crappy looking warehouse. But the inside, it looked like a mansion. "Wow.." I zoned out. "Why are we here?" I snapped out of it. Harry only snapped my fingers, and the other 3 boys came out. "Err, is this a gangbang.." I asked. "No what the bloody hell is wrong with you!" Louis laughed at my comment. 

"What is it then?" I questioned. 

Then Zayn snapped his, and my idol came walking out of the door. My heart stopped. Justin Bieber is standing right in front of me.  

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