I Wish I Hated You

Bethany Hanson hated Niall Horan. She hated him to bits. But one day something happens. That makes him change everything he thinks about her. As this happens, she realized what he meant to her.

But Bethany gets caught up in things she never wanted to.


1. A Typical Day in the Life of Bethany

I sat at the computer, completely at loss at what to type for the essay. Mr.McKinley told me if I didn't write this I wouldn't pass 11th grade. And mom wouldn't be fond of that. I'm Bethany. My friends call me Beth. I'm not popular, talented. Quite honestly, I sound like a hyena when I sing. But my friends say otherwise. If you're wondering what my friends names are, they are Alana and Jeremy. We are partners in crime, we did a lot together.

I got sick of sitting there wondering what to type. I could really careless at this moment. Maybe tomorrow I might blossom with an idea or two.  I backed away from the overly bright computer, and sat down on my bed. An annoying, box-spring bed. "Uhh.." I moaned in pain. I really hated this piece of crap. I lied there for a bit, staring up at my ceiling. I finally reached for my phone, picking it up and checking my texts.

Now, before I continue, I would like you all to know, that, I have four other bestfriends. Who, happen to be famous. They're in the band called One Direction. If you're wondering why I didn't say five, well, I absolutely despise one of them. That would be Niall Horan.

We never ever got along. He was just too cocky and loud. Not that Louis isn't, but Niall, he was just too much. 

Anyway, one message from Louis, two from Alana, and one from Harry. 
                                                                        (Text Message sequence? Sorry about this..)
'alana<3: please answer, i really need to talk to you about jeremy!'

'alana<3: ok, i see how it is, i'll just cry on my bed. 3;'

'You: what happened?'

'alana<3: nothing, i just get stop thinking about him'

'You: go watch something BOTDF or P!ATD.'

'alana<3: mmmm, dahvie..'

'You: ok, don't go having an orgasm through text, go watch or listen, idfk.'

                                     (Louis's Texts)
lou: Hey Beth, me and Liam were wondering if you wanted to go to Starbucks in a couple of hours..'

'You: am i too late?

'lou: Yeah. They had a special too."

'You: you're rubbing it in my face, aren't you.'

'lou: maybe a bit.'

'You: what was it..'

'lou: caramel creme´ with chocolate sprinkles at the top.'

'You: screw you.'

'lou: love you.'

'lou: talk to you later, Niall's begging me to take him to Micky D's.'

'You: good luck.'

                                                 (Harry's Texts)
'Harold: bethanyyyyy!'

'You: yeah?'

'Harold: can i PLEASE come over? Will just got really boring.'

'You: harry, it's 9:00..

'Harold: but it's a weekend night..'

'You: You know how my mom is?'

'Harold: yeah but im so bored.'

'You: sleep? drink? eat?'

'Harold: boring? boring? BORING?

'You: goodnight harry.'

'Harold: you're not going to sleep, im gonna keep bothering you.'

'You: i'll shut my phone off.'

                                                    (Non-text message sequence, I don't know.)

Which is exactly what I did. Until my mother called me downstairs.  "Bethany, a curly-haired boy is here with Alana!" she called me down. I mentally punched Harry. "I wish your friends didn't come at nine o'clock at night." she said.

"I didn't tell them to." I defended myself. She rolled her eyes and continued to shuffle back to bed. "What?" I said annoyed. "Please come with us?" Alana begged. "To?" I said mono-toned. "McDonald's.." Harry announced. "Isn't Niall and Louis there?" I put forth. 
"Yeah? So?" Harry argued. "I don't feel like dealing with that Irish prick right now." I swore. "C'mon! Please?" Alana begged.

"Fine. Let me get my shoes on." I moved to the side of the wall, slipping on my black Vans. If you're wondering what I'm dressed in, I have a pair of blue jeans on, and a black sweat shirt. My hair is up in a long pony-tail. 

Harry grabbed my arm and started to pull me over to walk. "I can walk myself, I have working legs." I snapped. He smirked and continued to bother Alana.

                                                                     (In McDonald's)

"Can I order, two Chicken Sandwiches and a Whopper" Alana asked. "Coming right up." the Cashier said. I didn't bother looking around, because I knew my eyes would find that asshole. And guess what I heard.

 "Harry!" Niall shouted. I bit down on my jaw. He may act innocent, but he knows he annoys me. "Niall!" Alana cheered. They hugged, as usual. "Hey Niall! Where's Lou?" Harry asked. "The loo." he smirked, looking at me. He eyed me up and down. Oh god, it's too late for this.

"Hi Bethany." he started. "Bye." I turned around. "More ignorant than usual. Period?" Niall assumed. "I liked it better when you weren't talking to me." I said harshly. "I liked it better when I didn't know you."

"Why are you still talking to me then?"

"Because it's funny."

"You give me a headache."


"Please shut up."

"What if I don't want to?"

"I'll whoop your pale butt."

"I'd like to see you try."

"Enough, enough." Harry stopped us. We were nose to nose, until he pulled us apart. "I hope you know I'm really not afraid of whipping you." I implied. "I'm not intimidated." he snickered. "Oh look, it's Louis!" Alana changed the subject. Louis looked around, and we finally caught his eye.

"Hello mates." Louis greeted. He saw me and Niall face to face. "You're at it again? Damn.." he laughed. "C'mon Niall, let's get back to the flat, Zayn's lonely." he said. "Later." he only waved to Alana and Harry. He just eyed me. 

"God that kid is so annoying." I shook my head. "You would make a cute couple." Harry suggested. "In his dreams." I snickered. 


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