My Bestfriend's Sister

Ashton Grey is not like most girls, and by that I mean she doesn't exactly enjoy shopping, or checking out guys... in fact ash has never had a boyfriend, and for the most part Ashton has always been okay with that. When her best friend Gabriel asks her to help out his twin sister Gage around the school because she will now be living with Gabe, Ashton is at first very hesitant., but that was before she met Gage. Ashton is introduced to Gage and is almost immediately stuck by her beauty and bubbly personality, and soon she begins to grow certain feelings for her. At first Ashton does not know what to make of these feelings she has, but then she begins to realize that she has developed a crush on her, and that's when she discovers that gage is a lesbian. What will happen?


1. The favor

History, aka the class I absolutely dread. There’s just something I find boring about learning the names of people who can never be brought back to life. I understand that they were of some significance when they themselves were walking the earth, but besides scoring a few points with the ancient people, I just don’t understand why we need to learn about them. The only class I can’t wait to go to is gym, and that’s only because I’m a “sporty spice”. I participate in a lot of sports, and I guess if it weren’t for the fact that I could kick around a soccer ball like nobody’s business, and throw a football so far that it would make my brother, who is quarterback by the way, look like my little sister, I wouldn’t even be recognizable at this school. I’m always referred to as “Blue’s little sister”, or “number 24”, which is actually my personal favorite. My only great friend here is Gabriel Larkin, which many people find weird because honestly he’s popular and I’m not. It’s actually quite funny how Gabriel and I became friends. I remember it like it was yesterday, actually it was yesterday…. Okay so I’m totally kidding, I could never build up a strong friendship in just one day, but it sure does seem like it. ****Flashback***** At the beginning of freshman year I remember being the awkward tall girl that towered down on everyone, and the entire freshman class would laugh at me because they claimed that I was scary and looked like a serial killer. Now I may or may not deny that I have in fact butchered things at some point in my life, but trust me if I have it’s because that cruel action was only done by me to a song, or a burger. Now back to the story. I was just about to try out for the football team, which was exactly what my brother told me not to do, when I was hit in the face by a soccer ball. At that moment I had decided that my brother must’ve put some sort of voodoo spell on me because Aston Grey does not get hit in the face by balls, but unfortunately I discovered later on that my brother just got lucky. I fell to the floor with a loud thump, and awaited my prince to come and save me. Okay so that’s bullshit, I really didn’t care who came to pick me up I just didn’t want to stay plastered to the floor looking like a squashed giraffe. “Hey, are you okay?” A masculine voice spoke from above me. I swear I could almost see a white light illuminating his body, and a halo above his head. I thought I died. “Do I look okay?” Okay so I gave him attitude, but he hit me in the face with a soccer ball… I think that’s way worse. “Uh not really,” He replied honestly. “I’m really sorry.” “its fine,” He just stared at me. “As much as I love lying on the ground in awkward positions, I’d really appreciate it if you’d help me up,” Almost immediately Mr. Masculinity grabbed a hole of my arm, and lifted me up slowly. Although my eyes were clouded, and I felt the sudden urge to throw up, I was now able to analyze his face. To say the least this boy was incredibly handsome. His eyes were a misty violet color, and his cheeks were an effortless rosy pink, yet it didn’t make him look feminine. I liked the way his hair fell down to his ears in little dark ringlets, and his lips were red like Kool-Aid. “Um you staring at me is kind of uncomfortable,” Suddenly I was ripped away from my mystical trance. Damn it I always get caught. “Pft I wasn’t staring at you, I was just trying to figure out if you were real because uh I thought I was dying, and you could’ve just been a figment of my totally reckless imagination,” I said so quickly that even I couldn’t understand what I had just said. “Yea we’re taking you to the nurse,” He chuckled. “What’s your name by the way?” “Ashton.” “I’m Gabriel Larkin, the angel that saved you,” he said confidently. I looked him like if he were crazy, and then I giggled like a stupid school girl. It wasn’t that I was attracted to Gabriel, which I found kind of strange because he’s gorgeous, but something about him just made me laugh. I think it was the way he spoke ever so confidently, or the way he almost knew that I was the kind of girl who didn’t like being pampered and bombarded with too many questions. I like him. “Well angel, get back to your game, I’ll find my way to the nurse’s office on my own,” I said slapping his cheek playfully. ****End of flashback**** And that was how Gabriel Larkin and I became best friends, and since that day I refuse to call him anything but Angel… I think it suits him more. Of course my brother has become good friends with him too because he claims that Gabe is a dude, and dudes only want one thing so it’s his job to keep him in check. As I was approaching the lunchroom I could already see Gabriel sat at our usual table. Our table consisted of many jocks, and of course where there are jocks, there are tramps. Every day I found myself arguing with one of them because they’re just so stupid and annoying. For starters they’re always giving me dirty looks, my name is always in their mouth, and some of them I just don’t like because I’ve had the displeasure of having to come across their undergarments lying around my house thanks to my man whore brother. As usual I sat down, and was greeted by some of the guys, and Gabriel of course. “Hey Grey,” Gabriel plastered a sloppy kiss on my cheek, which he knew bothered me because when I say that these kisses are sloppy, I really mean sloppy. “Um Angel, when are you going to stop leaving your saliva on my cheek?” I muttered in disgust. “When I know for sure that it doesn’t bother you anymore, but until then I know you love it nasty,” He winked, and I cringed. I sure as hell don’t love it nasty. Today I was abnormally hungry. Okay so maybe everyday I’m always hungry, but today I felt like I could eat a truck… preferably a hot dog truck. I was about to take a giant bite out of my burger when I heard a noise, a horrible noise at that. “You know you’re going to get fat if you keep on eating like a boy,” One of the tramps said. “Yea probably,” I agreed, “the same way your legs are just going to break off if you keep them open.” “You bitch!” She gasped. “Thanks for the compliment, I love you too,” I told her with a wink, which I could tell got her mad. I could hear Gabriel laughing like an idiot, and his laugh is infectious. I began to laugh with him making the girl glare at me. Could you believe that she’s sat at our table for almost the whole year and I still don’t know her name? All I hear coming out of people’s mouth when they call to her is, “Hey good in bed” and “Girl who can work that mouth”… poor thing. Everything fell silent for a while, and I actually liked the silence. There is nothing better than eating in peace, nothing. I was just about to finish my food when Gabriel thought it’d be okay to talk. “So Ashton,” he began… this could not be good. Gabriel only calls me Ashton when he needs something from me, and most of his favors usually involve something that leads to me getting in trouble, “My twin sister Gage is coming to live with my family, and she’ll be starting school tomorrow… so I was kind of hoping that maybe you could pick her up for school and maybe show her around,” He said rubbing the back of his neck. I could tell that Gabe was nervous, and I assumed it’s because he knows I don’t get along with girls as friends. The last time I had a girl best friend was in junior high, and that resulted into me punching her in the face because she told everyone that I was hoe because her perverted brother had the nerve to walk in on me while I was showering. Don’t worry, I punched him too. “Angel I don’t know about this,” I replied skeptically. “Come on my sister is way sweeter than most of the girls in this school, and she knows how you are, I’ve already warned her,” Warned her? Does he think I’m a serial killer too? “I’ll think about it.” “Pwease,” He said giving me his world famous puppy dog face. He knows this shit doesn’t work on me though. “I said I’ll think about it!!” I shouted in his face. “If you don’t do it I’ll tell your brother about what happened in tenth grade,” suddenly my eyes widened… he wouldn’t. “You wouldn’t dare!” “Oh but I would,” He said deviously. I’m so going to kick his ass. “fine,” I said out of defeat, “but if your sister just so happens to be as annoying as the girls you refer to as “sweet people” I will have no problem giving her the same treatment that I give to all the bimbos at our school.” “Fine.” “Fine.” “Fine!” “Okay I think we should stop saying fine now,” I smiled. “Yea we probably should,” He agreed. The things I do for this boy… I hate him.
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