Inhale, Exhale, Repeat…

Inhale, Exhale, Inhale, Exhale… "I can do this…" I thought, "Just get it over with."
It was just a matter of seconds before I felt the cold of the metal go trough my skin… I had done it again.
As soon as the metal left my cold skin, the red sticky substance fell to the carpet under my bed.
Ping, ping, ping… It went, creating a big poodle of a liquid part of me. Just that… A big poodle of nothing, emptiness, something that I didn't want. A big poodle of my own and no one else's blood.

• 2 years later •

"Don't! Don't even say it or try to help me! I don't need your help… Got it?! Then just leave me alone! Gosh!" Is screamed, as he kept coming close to me.
"Ally, I'm just trying to get you to understand that what you're doing is wrong. And you shouldn't do that." He said, calm as ever. Which made me even more mad than what I was before...

Inhale, Exhale, Inhale, Exhale, Repeat… "keep calm Ally…" I told myself.


2. The birthday girl!

I woke up with the Sun shining through the little crap in the curtain and silently cursed myself for not closing the curtains.

Arghh just to think today was Friday made me go sick. It's not that I don't like Fridays, but today I had volleyball practice. 

It starts at 5:30 and school finishes at 2:30. So that means, I have 2:30 hours to do nothing and 30 minutes to get ready... That's what I always do.

I was actually excited for it, except the fact that I'd be totally exposed... NOT LIKE THAT! EWW! I'll be wearing shorts and a T-shirt. But first, let's focus on school and foo, because I'm hungry...

I got up and went downstairs to make a hot chocolate or coffee, whatever I felt like doing at the moment. To my surprise, it was already done and was sitting on the table, right next to my cup.

I sat down and poured some if the coffee into my cup. I drank it slowly, because it was still early to get dressed and go to school. After just drinking my coffee, i went to take a shower. 

I jogged up the stairs, -because there's nothing I hate more than running, but i do it a lot though-and opened the door to my room, not bothering to be quiet, because my mom was never home at this time of day. 

I saw my iPhone 5 -best friends present for my early birthday- screen lid up and almost automatically grabbed it, unlocking the screen and seeing the "new message" notification on the bar on top. 

I quickly taped it and saw a new message from my mom saying: "I darling, I wish I could be with you now... :(" she did not just made a sad face on a message to me... "But I talked to your school's principal and said you would need to leave school for a week or two for my birthday present and she said you don't have to go if you don't feel like going." 

I quickly wrote a reply: "OMGG!!! really? Like, what is it?! Wait, I'm not even curious anymore... You're like, #bestmomintheworld ! ... b29;"

The felling of taking a shower was gone, so instead I decided to call, or text my best friend, Kealsy. (Its a weird spelling) And of course, I couldn't forget to inform my all-time best boyfriend in the world!

I ran a finger through my screen and looked for "Kel", my nickname for Kealsy. And send her a quick text saying I wouldn't be in school today, because my mom said I would need the time to get ready for my surprise, what ever it was... 

Next, I called Chris, my boyfriend. After 2 perfect timed rings, he answered. 

"Chris, OMG!" I fangirled over the phone.

"Ally?! Ally, love, what going on?"

"Hum... Sorry, did I wake you up?"

"Hum... Yea-"

"OK! anyways, I'm not going to school today, so don't worry..."

"Why?! Ally! what happened?" he asked, getting worried...

"Hum, nothing... My mom called the principal and she said I wouldn't go to school for the next 2 weeks, because the surprise she has for me will take 2 weeks and I think she bought me a plane ticket somewhere!" Oh right, did I tell you that Chris, is also my best friend? Yeah...

"Oh, OK then. You got me worried and woke me up over nothing then..." he teased, I could ear him chuckle on the other side of the line.

"What? You don't care that I'm gonna be away for 2 weeks? Do you just not love me anymore?" I said sadly, as I decided to play along...

"No, Love.. Oh, and BTW, I know you're teasing, I can ear it in your voice..." I loved him so much...

"Ok yeah that's all... I gotta get packed, text you later with the details-" I said, taking in a breath I didn't even notice I was holding... "-Oh! and one last thing... Love Ya Chris"

"Love you too crazy-old-195-cats-lady!" He said...

"It's 200-cats now darling..." i said, with an old-ladie's voice.

After that, I ended the call and finally decided to get that shower I was talking about earlier... And then I'd go and pack my bags!

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