Kristyn was an ordinary girl, went to school, had an afterschool job. But what happens when someone very special comes into her life and changes it forever? You'll have to read to find out.

I haven't ever written a fanfic before so please tell me how I'm doing... Thanks!


1. School

Kristyn's POV

      I had always loved school, I know it's weird because everyone just wants to get out of there. I just wasn't ready for the college life. Everyone knew me as the quiet, shy, smart student who was the teacher's pet. They didn't really know me, because I never let them know the REAL me. On the inside I was a scared teenager. I didn't know what I was going to do after high school. College obviously but I didn't have in idea as to what I was going to do with my life.

"Hey Kristyn!" my I would hear people say. "Hello." I just wanted to get to class. I was going to history which had always been my favorite class ever since I can remember. My teacher Miss Burdess walked in as the bell was ringing. "Good morning students, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!" She always said that with so much excitement, because she in general was just a happy person no matter what was going on. "Good morning Miss Burdess!" I had replied with a smile upon my face. Okay maybe I was kind of a teachers pet. We were taking notes on World War II, so of course I was interested. The intercom went on calling for Miss Burdess, "Miss Burdess?" "Yes," she replied. "We need to see Kristyn in the office." What do you think happened? Everyone ooed while she said I could go.

"You needed to see me?" I said hoping it would be quick. "Your mother just called to say you had a doctors appointment, and that you could drive yourself." "Ok thanks." I said before the secretary stopped me. "You need to go now though Kristyn." Why wasn't I surprised she just wanted me to miss a little bit of school, she knew I hated that, but whatever.


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