Nobody Compares

Isabel is an average 17 year old Junior living in San Diego California. She has friends,family and is surrounded in love,that is until an extreme insident happens to her and her best friend Miley and causes them to move in with her Uncle Bobby, and meet the boys of one direction. They become close, and she learns to love again. Will she find she is their charity case? Or will she find that they really love and except her and Miley, even with the additional baggage?


3. Unpaking

"Wow bobby this place is....beautiful." There are chandeliers and glass cases in the front entrance. It all looks very expensive. "Thank you!" He replied in his normal, happy voice. I could tell he was excited, maybe it was the company? "Come with me ill give you the tour if the place!" He walked us into many different rooms. It is gorgeous. The living room has a long couch if looks like it can seat close to 7 people and has a HUGE flat screen tv. The kitchen is like any normal kitchen but 3x bigger and has a closet packed of junk. He has a game room with air hockey, a wii, playstation, x box and pool table. There are 5 baths, and 7 rooms. He lead us to our rooms. My had light blue walls, The bed spread is white with some light blue flowers and the walls are the same color as the blue flowers. There is a huge tv, a night stand next to the bed, a walk in closet and a big light purple dresser that goes well with the blue. They is a desk that had a laptop on it.  And a nice sized bathroom. Miley's is basically the same but her room is purple.  "I will leave you ladies to decorate your rooms the way you like, there will be special guess coming tonight so be ready in 2 hours!" We agreed and started working on unpacking. 

I finished unpacking and started to put up some posters. Some of singers, and others of drawings I made. I put a collage of them on the side of the bed where me head would lay. Perfect. For now anyways. I had about a half hour till these 'special' guess came so I decided to get ready. I put on some tight blue skinny jeans and a floral flowy shirt. I walked to the bathroom, curled my hair a little. I did my smoky eye design and looked at my figure. I looked good. Miley slammed my door open, "Damn you look good girl!" She exclaimed I playfully punched her on the arm. "You look good too!" I said. We laughed. I walked into the living room to see Bobby in a suit. *whistle* "Wow Bobby these must be really 'special' guests!" We all laughed and sat there watching Teen Nick. 

* Knock Knock *

"Coming!" Bobby jumped off the couch. "Hey boys!" I heard his voice, I never did ask what Bobby did. "You hungry?" I heard a break of laughter. "Yes! When aren't we hungry?!?" I heard a someone with an Irish accent say. 

* Thump Thump Thump * 

"Boys be quiet! And don't break ANYTHING!" Bobby said. I was still listening to my music but I couldn't hear so I gave up and started for the door than BAM

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