Nobody Compares

Isabel is an average 17 year old Junior living in San Diego California. She has friends,family and is surrounded in love,that is until an extreme insident happens to her and her best friend Miley and causes them to move in with her Uncle Bobby, and meet the boys of one direction. They become close, and she learns to love again. Will she find she is their charity case? Or will she find that they really love and except her and Miley, even with the additional baggage?


1. The incident

I am like any other teenage 17 year old in San Francisco California. I go to school, have friends and have a family. Well I guess I have a family. My dad left when I was sent to jail when I was 7 for illegal drug usage. I live with my mom, and I love her. When I'm not at school or hanging with my friends I hang with my mom.   See, I'm an only child so I get plenty of attention, it's great for me honestly, I like when quiet sweeps the cool rooms of our decent size house. We have 4 bedrooms 3 baths a massive living room  and a large kitchen so it's pretty big with just two people living here. 

I don't have many relatives in America, they mostly live in London. That's where my mom is from. Most of my dads side of the family are drug addicts  and are doing time. I really don't mind much, I'm perfectly happy with what I have. I usually have Christmas with my best friends family. Miley and I have known each other for a few years. Her i call her parents mom and dad and she does the same to my mom, as you can tell our families are very close. I moved here right after my dad got arrested and It was honestly for the best. We were living in a dirty hole of an area with pervs, strippers, rapists, killers, and prostitutes. I was planning on staying home with Miley  because our parents are going out to dinner tonight. 

**Stay with me, baby stay with me, tonight don't leave me alone. ** 

That's Miley now. "Hey Girly what ya doin?" I asked. We haven't talked in a while because she had to go to Washington for her cousins birthday. I would have gone but I have a lot of work to do at school. I'm so happy were done in a 2 weeks. "Not much I just finished unpacking well be there in 10 tell mom to be ready!" I can't wait tot hang I miss her. I plan on watching some movies tonight. "Okay!" And with that we hung up the phone.

** 15 minutes later ** 


"Come in!" K screened I already knew it was Miley. "Bye mom." I said giving my mom a kiss. She walked out to the car that had Miley's mom and dad in it. I take it they are going to a nice restaurant since my mom looked really good. Miley walked in and plopped right down on the couch. In any other situation it would be impolite but this is normal for us. "So what are we going to do tonight Bell?" That's basically what everyone called me but it didn't bother me. I actually liked that name. "I thought we could watch a movie?" "Okay what movie?" I hesitated I wasn't completely sure to be honest. "How about Halloween?!?" I love that movie, both of us did. I don't know why but I love horror films. "Sure."

*2 hours later*

We finished the movie and I was cleaning up the mess we made with the popcorn we threw at each other throughout the movie. 

* Beep Beep * 

That's weird nobody really calls our home number. "Hello?" I have no clue who would call the home number. "Hello is this Miss. Isabel Burke?" The deep male voice sounded through the phone. "Yes." "I'm so sorry?" "I'm sorry I don't think I'm comprehending?" I am not sure what is going in but it doesn't sound good and I have butterflies. I just have this gut feeling something is wrong. "Your mother and two others Mr and Mrs Jones have been involved in a....theft that all three deaths." I just strode there frozen. This is not true. It couldn't be. 

"Mam?" The voice was distant it was like I was stuck in the moment. "Yes." "You can come to the station to say your goodbyes." "Okay thank you." I hung up the phone and it landed in the floor. "What the. Bell?" "Mom, and your mom and dad are..... dead." I was having a rough time coming up with the words. I was chocking in them. How did this night go so, down hill?  "No, your joking." I looked at her. This is no joke. We cried, for a long time. "They said we need to come down and do some paperwork and say our, our goodbyes." I was chocking and there was no stop to the teams flowing down my eyes

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