Nobody Compares

Isabel is an average 17 year old Junior living in San Diego California. She has friends,family and is surrounded in love,that is until an extreme insident happens to her and her best friend Miley and causes them to move in with her Uncle Bobby, and meet the boys of one direction. They become close, and she learns to love again. Will she find she is their charity case? Or will she find that they really love and except her and Miley, even with the additional baggage?


4. Special guests

Oh shit Bobby!" I said almost wining. I rubbed my head and saw it wasn't bobby. "Oh my god I'm so sorry I thought you were bobby!" He held out his hand for me to take, and I took it and stood up.  "Hey Iz what's going on up there?" I heard bobby yell coming up the stairs. He's gonna kill me for swearing at on oh his clients. Bobby entered and stood beside the boy with brown shaved hair. Than four other boys entered as well. One had blond hair and blue eyes, another with brown hair with a strip of I think blond he had a varsity jacket on. Another had brown hair that stuck up in the front and had a red and white stripped hair with red skinny jeans on. And the last had brown curly hair and vibrant green eyes. 

"I see you met the boys, Miley come here you need to meet them as well." Miley entered staring at her cell phone. She stood right next to me. "You guys look really familiar, do I know you from somewhere?" The looked at each other and burst into laughter. I am confused what am I missing? "We'll I hope you do, we're the biggest boy band in the world!" The one with red skinny jeans said with sass. Wow I never knew one guy could have so much sass. I knew they looked familiar but I'm still not sure what band it is. I turned to Miley she srugged. "ONE DIRECTION FOR GODS SAKE! We're you guys living under a rock?" The same one said. 

"It wasn't so much that we lived under a rock it was more we were making memories, not on the computer all day looking at pics of a boy band." I was so true, Miley and I would never be on the internet, for the most part we were out somewhere in public acting like idiots. "What kind of memories?" The one with the shaved hair asked. "You know running up to vouples and fake yelling at the guys that they were cheating on us with other girls." They have a concerning look. "Oh, don't worry we told them afterwards. It's okay promise!" They stared us still, like we are crazy. Well I mean Mi and I know we are but in a good way. "Wait Bell!! Do you still have that video of us doing that?" I pulled my phone of my pocket and searched thought the 1,347 pics that Miley took of her or hot guys. "Got quite of crushes do ya love?" The one with brown curly hair asked. "That was Miley, and ya." I was still scrolling and I found it. "Here it is!" I handed it to the boys and they watched. They laughed through the whole thing. "This is hilarious! I like these girls already!" They one with sass said. "That's good because you will be living together till the tour starts again." Wait. When was that the plan? Well I guess it isn't really a big deal. I mean where else are Miley and I suppose to go. Plus the boys seem to be pretty cool. "Okay, bell will you come to my room I need to change." Wait why does she need to change? "Why do you need to change?" "To go out duh!" With that I followed her to her room. We passed 5 other doors. Probably for the other 5 boys. 

"Don't you think the boys are pretty cute?" We'll ya there hot but I'm not gonna jeprodize anything for bobby plus I just lost my mom I'm not gonna start anything and let anything I have for my mom going messing that up. And their international super stars. "I guess so." "I like the on with varsity jacket, you know how I like the bad boys." I laughed at her comment. "Mi they all probably have girlfriends!" I said that a little too loud. But i don't care it's most likely true.

 "Ya well. I wanna walk around and get to know the area do you want to come? "Ya sure I'm gonna get ready."  "Hold in I know exactly what you should wear!" She handed me a light peach floral dress and peach sandals. Yes we wear the same size. She slide on her pink flowy casual dress with matching shoes and we touched up our makeup. "Ready?" "Ready!"

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