Nobody Compares

Isabel is an average 17 year old Junior living in San Diego California. She has friends,family and is surrounded in love,that is until an extreme insident happens to her and her best friend Miley and causes them to move in with her Uncle Bobby, and meet the boys of one direction. They become close, and she learns to love again. Will she find she is their charity case? Or will she find that they really love and except her and Miley, even with the additional baggage?


2. Goodbyes and hellos

Miley and I got to the station hand in hand. We stuck together through everything and this is no different. We are the two who cry on each others shoulders. 

We were taken to the morgue. I never ever thought I would be here. They opened 3 drawers. Two were  Miley's mom and dad on was my mom. As soon as I saw her I sreeked. My mom the only one that I had, gone. I looked at Miley and we hugged each other.  

We were taken to the sheriffs office and took our seats. He came in. He had a pot belly and had the deep voice from the phone. "I'm so sorry for your losses." I doubt he is. He sees this kind of stuff everyday but it was good to know he was kind enough to apologize. "So ladies. I looked at your family trees and it  looks like your going to be....pretty far apart. Miley you are going to New York to live with your Aunt. And Isabel you are going to live with your Uncle in London." I was devastated. How could this be? "No!" We screened in unison. "We can' apart...right now!" Miley yelled. "Please please put us together. We will do anything!" 

* 30 minutes later *

We waited. Praying, hopping that we could stay together. The sherif came back. "Good news ladies," I have a sigh of relief. "Your going to London, to live with Isabel's Uncle." Even though this was good I still felt terrible. I mean my mom just got killed. "You leave tomorrow. So get ready." "Wait what is going to happen to our parents bodies?" "They will be buried tomorrow before you leave so you can say final goodbyes." We nodded and left. What just happened 4 hours ago my mom and I were watching the X Factor? 

* The next day * 

We got to the grave yard. The graves were right next to each other. They put the caskets down and we threw dirt, and rises in it. We were crying non stop. 

* After the burial * 

This is the worst week of my life. I have cried so much that my face is red and puffy. What did I do to deserve this?!?  We had all our stuff packed and we are getting ready to board the plane. 

* After the plane ride *

I hate heights, and I could tell Miley does too. We got off and I spotted our luggage. I didn't realize that the airport would be so big, and filled with people. I pushed my way to luggage claim with Miley close behind. We picked up our luggage and went to the front. We sat on the bench and waited for my uncle. "I'm so bored!" Miley screeched with her highest pitch her voice could go. "Me too! God you made my ears ring!" She laughed me. Even in bad situations Miley and I could cheer each other up. 

* This is my oath to you * 

I picked up my phone. It was an unknown number. "Hello?" "Hey Miley it's your uncle Bobby!" "Oh hey Bobby, umm where are you." "That is what I was calling about, a taxi is going to pick you up. I have some important people coming over and I need the house to be clean for when they get here." "Oh okay ill see you soon." And with that I hung up on him. 

"What as that about Bell?" Miley asked even though I'm sure she heard he talked really loud on the phone. "We are getting picked up by a taxi." Right after I heard a beep. A taxi driver came out of his car and had a sign in his hands. 'Miss Isabel and Miley Burke'. I walked to the guy and said that was me. He put our stuff in the trunk and we were off. 

The lights are beautiful. There are many buildings and I am in Awe. I can't believe I am here. It is a GORGEOUS city. 

*20 minutes later *

We arrived at the biggest house I have EVER scene. It is HUGE. "OMG!" Miley slipped the words out of her mouth. I knew Bobby had a good amount of money but not this much. We stepped out and I took my sunglasses off. "This. Is. Amazing." I slipped that out of my mouth without realizing until I heard laughing from me. I turned to see no other than "Bobby!" I screamed. I haven't seen him in years. "Hey Iz, how are ya?" He asked. "Okay, I guess it's hard." "I know Iz, it will be okay." He said comforting me. Miley cleared her voice. "Oh and you must be the lovely Miley I have heard so much about." She blushed. "Yep that's me!" She said. "Well lets get you girls in the house." He said carrying our luggage to the front door.

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