One Direction Imagines <3

This will just be imagines written by me please leave requests for me and please tell
Me what you think as this is my first book and want to make sure I'm at least okay at writing these things. I've just written things that give me feels :) no mature content because I don't feel comfortable with it, it's not something I broadcast :) I love you all request what ever imagine, preferences etc xx


1. I love you but you don't see it.

Niall imagine:

It's the morning of your birthday and you have just woken up to then sun streaming in through the gaps in the curtains. You get up and place your hair into and messy bun. As you head downstairs to your 5 best friends one direction, you guys met at a meet and greet about a year and a half ago now and once you where old enough they asked you to share an apartment with them. 

You walk into the living room when suddenly

All the boys: "HAPPY BIRTHDAY Y/N!!" All running up to you and hugging you but as the rest of the boys let you go Niall is still holding on to you, his strong arm wrapped around your waist and his head resting on your shoulder.

You: "umm... Niall you can let go now..." The other boys start to laugh and niall pulls away quickly blushing bright red. 

Niall: "I-I'm sorry Y/N" he said stuttering looking at the floor."

You:" it's fine Nialler, it's nice to get a Horan hug every once and a while." Winking at him causing him to blush again. You didn't know but Niall has had a crush on you since the day you met at the meet and greet. 

All the boys Hand you your gifts. Harry has Gotten you a 'Hipsta Please' crop top, zayn gave you a 'zap' pair of girl boxers, Liam had gotten you a load of pretty jewellery and louis had gotten you a picture of the summer you all spent together doing crazy things. Then it was time for Niall's present, he handed it to you giving you a quick kiss on the cheek and whispering happy birthday in your ear, you could feel his hot breath against your skin and it sent shivers down your spine.

You unwrap the little silver parcel revealing a little box with a little note on the top saying "To Y/n, the most important and amazing girl I have ever met, love Niall xx" 

You: "Awww Niall you are so cute!" All the boys start to nudge Niall and make kissing noises at him you roll your eyes and start to open the little box in front on you, when you open it you find a ring, it's a promise ring.

Niall: "I hope you like it.... I'm sorry it's crap isn't it? I'm so sor-" You cut him off with tears of happiness in your eyes and get up and hug Niall.

You: " it's perfect." Niall then starts to blush again and gives you a quick hug. You then realise you are late for work. You get dressed and race to work. 

*2 hours later*

You get a text off Harry telling you to not be late home as they are cooking for you, a small smile spreads across your face, you could not wait to get home!

*End of work* 

Your driving home to the home that you share with the boys, you pull up in your car and park it on the drive, you quickly get out of the car and unlock your door, as you walk in all the rooms are dark and there is silence. 

You: "H-Hello?!" Your voice shaky hoping nothing has happened to the boys but as you turn the lights on from no where you family friends and the boys all jump out from the downstairs rooms. 

Everyone: "SURPRISE!!" You are in totally shock until Harry comes runny up to you.

Harry: " I'm sorry for lying y/n I jus-" you cut him off by punching him in the arm. Harry: "OW, what was that for!!?"

You: "Scaring the life out of me!!"

*Few Hours into the party* 

You are almost wasted but you still are pretty aware of everything going on around you, you have been dancing with everyone and now you where alone. As your dancing to 'kiss you' you feel a pair of arm wrap around your waist, you turn quickly still in the grip of the person holding you tight. When you turn around you find your best friend Niall.

You: " N-Niall what are y-" you are cut off by Niall pulling your lips to his own, your lips fit together like they are meant to be and it feels so right. When he finally breaks away he looks into your sparkling eyes. 

Niall: " I'm sorry y/n I have wanted to do that since the day we first met I knew you where special but was always to scared to tell you as I thought you would never feel the same.....Y/N....I-I love you." 

You: " Niall I love you too! I never thought you felt the same way I did!" 
Niall then starts to smile widely it is the happiest you have get seen him he then leans in and kisses you passionately until behind you you hear the boys shouting. 

Louis: "Whoop! Well it took you how long?!"

Harry and Zayn: " thank god!"

Liam:" such a happy moment.... I think I'm going to cry." Louis then slaps him across the back of the head.

Liam: "OW LOUIS! That really hurt!!!" While making little pouty faces.

It was the best birthday you had ever had.

I am so sorry it's so rubbish, but it's my first imagine ever! I  am so sorry but I hope you like it! Love Jasmine Styles xxx

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