One Direction Imagines <3

This will just be imagines written by me please leave requests for me and please tell
Me what you think as this is my first book and want to make sure I'm at least okay at writing these things. I've just written things that give me feels :) no mature content because I don't feel comfortable with it, it's not something I broadcast :) I love you all request what ever imagine, preferences etc xx


6. How It Should be.

Louis Imagine For liadirectioner102:

Louis Is your best friend, you have know each other forever, he is two years older than you and has known you since you where born as your parents are really good friends because they went to school together so you are extremely close to each other. The thing is though every time you got a boyfriend Louis would become very distant but as soon as you had a break up he would be waiting for you with awaiting arms. He loved you but you didn't have a clue, you did find it weird that he was like the hottest boy you knew that he never had a girlfriend, well apart from when you had a little thing going on a few years ago but you thought it would be better for your friendship if you where just friends, but secretly you have always wanted more. You both did but neither of you knew the other did.

You where hanging with Louis and his best boy mate Harry Styles, and wow was he hot and he knew that you thought so and would always be flirting with you. You where sat on the sofa watching Warm Bodies because it was your favourite film even though you hated zombies but you had to big boys to protect you so you felt safe. There was a bit of a scary part and you hid behind a pillow you had on your lap slightly screaming as you did so, then Harry wrapped his strong arms around your waist pulling you closer to him to comfort you, Louis sat glaring at Harry but it wasn't Harry's fault he didn't know that Louis liked you more than a friend. Harry then kissed you on the forehead whispering sweet nothing's in your ear sending shivers down your spine and causing butterflies to form in your stomach while Louis stared to fidget on the other side of the sofa,"Lou are you okay? Are you scared?" You asked him slightly moving out of Harry's hold on your waist, "No, I'm fine just a bit cold that's all." He said still staring the screen not able to look at you in Harry's arms. You wriggled out of Harry's arms which he didn't let you out of easily and flung yourself at Louis, "that better bestie?!" You said with your head in his chest Harry was not happy about the situation but a small smirk started to form on Louis face that could could feel, " Much better." He said wrapping his arms around you and hugging you tightly, then suddenly another body was in top of you, " Harry what are doing!?" You said not being able to breath properly . "GROUP HUG!" He exclaimed, and you started to giggle but Louis just let out a large but silent sigh that you felt you looked up at him to see that he was staring at you, " what you looking at Lou?" You asked quizzingly, " nothing just making sure your still breathing." He said nodding his head to Harry who was still a dead weight on top of you both. " Harry get off I can't breath properly." You said squirming underneath him, "but I like it here." He whispered into your ear louis enough for Louis to here and Louis nails dug into the sofa. You pushed Harry back into his seat on the sofa and sat back in the middle of the boys again. 

The movie had finish and it was time for you and Louis to leave, you where staying at Louis as your mum was out of town so you had a curfew thy Louis had to make sure you met unless other plans where made. You where getting your things together and getting ready to go when Harry grabbed your hand and pulling it causing you to stumble into his arms, "Y/N why don't you stay here tonight?" He said winking slightly causing you to blush, "I can't Harry I have a Curfew if I don't go home
Louis will get in shit!" And said Carib him to make pouty faces, "I'll be quick." He whispered into you eat once agin sending shivers down your back, "and I can drive you to Louis'." You where about to reply until Louis grabbed your arm pulling you out of Harry's arms and intertwining his fingers with your own, "Bye Harry!" Louis spat out at him, giving him a evil glare which Harry returned. You where shocked at what had just happened as Louis slammed Harry's front door behind the both of you, then you noticed he was holding onto your hand, " L-Lou your holding my hand?" You strutted out, you didn't mind a bit, in fact it felt right like that was where it belonged. " I know Y/N." he said stopping and turning to face you and grabbing your other hand so he was holding both and staring into your eyes. The feeling inside you was amazing something you had never felt before, "I love you." You blurted out, wait what! What did I just say you thought to yourself. Louis looked shocked then before another word was spoken Louis lips had hit yours hard pushing you up against his black range rover causing you to arch your back in pain but continuing the kiss until Louis broke away, "I love you y/n." you and Louis got in the car and drive back to his house, when you got back.. Well lets just say there was not a lot of sleeping going on.

You woke up in the morning, cloths everywhere and he where laying across Louis your head resting on his chest and your fingers intertwined. You knew everything was how it was meant to be. 

Your POV:

Your proberly wondering about Harry right? Well he is still single and me and him are good friends and him and Louis have finally made it up after a lot of jealousy on Harry's side but I'm helping him find a girlfriend and he is fine, and me and Louis? We have never been happier, and neither has our family. Everything is how it should be.


Proud of this enjoy, sorry but you didn't leave your name!! But still hope you enjoy, I think it's the best I've ever written. Thanks for reading!! Love Jazzy styles xoxox

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