One Direction Imagines <3

This will just be imagines written by me please leave requests for me and please tell
Me what you think as this is my first book and want to make sure I'm at least okay at writing these things. I've just written things that give me feels :) no mature content because I don't feel comfortable with it, it's not something I broadcast :) I love you all request what ever imagine, preferences etc xx


4. First Kiss.

Imagine for Kate:

You had been dating your boyfriend Niall Horan for about three moths now and had only once had a real kiss, I mean yeah there was the odd peck every now and again. You where fine with this as you knew that Niall didn't want to rush you into something you where not ready for.

One night you and Niall are laying on the sofa together your head testing on his chest while listening to his heart beat, web suddenly his heart starts to pick up speed, you look up and into his beautiful blue eyes and before you could say a word his perfect lips connected with your own. You where completely shocked but after a while you started to kiss back. His tongue wiping across your bottom lip begging for entry, which you quickly grant him. As this kiss continued he suddenly pulled out of the kiss leaning his forehead against yours.

Niall: "Im sorry Kate.... I just....couldn't wait any..longer!" He said between breaths. His eyes twinkling after every word the happiness in his eyes was unbelievable you never thought you could make someone feel that way.

You: "Niall... It's fine....Thank you." You said still staring into his beautiful blue eyes. He was still staring into your own.

Niall: "Anytime." He said while planting a slow but passionate kiss on your lips. You then continued the evening as you where before, until you fell asleep on him, your legs placed over his and your head buried into his chest while your arms holding him strongly making sure that he was there with you...and would leave. He must have read the signals as he whispered in your ear, Niall: "Im not going anywhere." His hot breath against your skin waking you slightly but you just snuggled in closer (if that was possible) and drifted back off to sleep.


Here you are Kate, I know it's a bit grown up but there is nothing dirty. Low you lots and I hope you liked it little sister of mine. Love Jazzy Styles xoxoxox

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