One Direction Imagines <3

This will just be imagines written by me please leave requests for me and please tell
Me what you think as this is my first book and want to make sure I'm at least okay at writing these things. I've just written things that give me feels :) no mature content because I don't feel comfortable with it, it's not something I broadcast :) I love you all request what ever imagine, preferences etc xx


3. Do I make you Happy?

Harry imagine:

You and Harry had been dating for almost two years now, you shared an apartment just on the edge of London because Harry didn't want you to be surrounded by fans all the time. 

You wake up to the sub streaming through the opening of the curtains you turn over to see you curly haired boyfriend sleeping, his hair all over his face and sleeping with no cloths on as usual. You have tried to buy him pj's but in the end he just puts them
Under his pillow but you had come to an agreement that he would sleep in his boxers so there was no funny business while you where trying to sleep. 

You try to release his grip on your waist but as you try to unravel his arms his grip becomes tighter and he pulls you in closer and kisses your nose softly without saying a word or opening his eyes.

Harry: "No babe, stay in bed." He croaked still half asleep. 

You: "Harry I have to tidy the house, we really messed it up last night!"

Harry: "it was worth it." He said opening his eyes and winking at you, he then leant in and started to kiss you passionately. You wanted to fight it because you knew what he was thinking so after he tried to slip your t-shirt off you pushed him
Off to the other side of the bed and ran down the stairs hoping Harry wouldn't follow, but he did.

You ran around the house and hiding in places Harry would never look and in the end you where hiding under the bed. You heard Harry coming up the stairs.

Harry: "Y/N come out! I promise I won't do anything." You then decided the game was over and that you would come out. You crawled out from under the bed while Harry was facing the door way. You wrapped your arms around his legs, he screamed.

You: " Oh my god Harry! Your such a girl!"

Harry: "Oh yeah! Could a girl do this!" He said breaking the grip you had around his legs and kneeling down in front of you he started to kiss you passionately, his
Curls dancing up and Down and your lips fitted together like they are meant to be. Harry breaks from the kiss catching his breath leaning his forehead to your own.

Harry: "Could a girl make you that happy?" He asked still catching his breath.

You: " never."

The day continued and all you did was chase each other around the house snuggle on the sofa and Harry would keep kissing you to make sure
You knew that he
Loved you.


I'm so sorry if you think it's bad :''( please give me your opinion as I'd
Love to know how I'm doing! Lots of love to you! - Jasmine Styles xxx

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