One Direction Imagines <3

This will just be imagines written by me please leave requests for me and please tell
Me what you think as this is my first book and want to make sure I'm at least okay at writing these things. I've just written things that give me feels :) no mature content because I don't feel comfortable with it, it's not something I broadcast :) I love you all request what ever imagine, preferences etc xx


2. A Race For Love.

It's the morning of your first big race, your bag is packed and ready to go. You scramble out of bed and get changed into a pair of sweat pants and a baggy t-shirt as you are going to have to get changed again when you arrive at the race track. You quickly have a couple pieces of toast and run out of the door with the toast still half eaten in your mouth. You throw your bag into the boot and speed off to the race track not wanted to be late for the big day.

*Arrive at the racetrack*

You park your car as close to the jokey room as you can, jumping out of the car and grabbing your bag and running into the meeting room.

Mark (horse owner) : y/n you look tired! I hope your gonna be okay for the race! I've put a lot of money on you and black jack ( the beautiful black stallion you are going to be riding)

You: "Yeah I am fine! I just didn't want to be late I my first race!"

Mark: "okay well go get changed and look pretty as we have special guests at the track today." You look at him in shock, your mouth wide open you where nervous enough without having more people to impress. You run to the changing room and get changed in to your navy and pink riding uniform and make your way to the stables to have a quick talk with black Jack. Everyone thought you where so weird because before you rode a horse you would ask permission and tell them that you would keep them safe, you where like a horse therapist. You strutted up to the stable and saw the beautiful black stallion stood eating his oats, his mane plaited neatly and coat gleaming in the rays if sunshine coming through the cracks in the barn roof. 

As you start to talk to him you here someone come up behind you. Liam: "Are you taking to your horse?!" You turn around to find Liam
Payne, the Liam Payne from One Direction you so wished our best friend Y/f/n was there with you at this moment, she has been a fan of them since you could remember you knew how much it would mean to her, but you decided you would text her later as you knew she would be in the VIP seats to watch you today. 

You:"Umm... Yeah, I always talk to the horses I'm going to ride, it's kind of weird but it sort of calms me down."

Liam: " aww, I think it's really sweet that you care about them, most jokey's get on get off and go home." You looked up and he was staring into your eyes. You blush noticing that he is staring at you.

Liam: "So what's your name?" He says winking at you.

You: "Y/n-....." you are cut off by mark running up to you, his face red and his green eyes nearly popping out of his head.

Mark: "Y/N! Y/N! You have to get on!!" You didn't notice but you must have been staring at Liam for about 10 minutes and that black jack was being lead around in the parade area. You turn to mark it was so imbarrising.

You: " oh my god! I'm so sorry... Liam I have to go!"

Liam: "no no it's fine! GOOD LUCK!" He shouts to you as mark is pulling you away towards the race track. 

*After the race*

You won your first ever race you where over the moon! when you got to where all the camera's where you hugged Black jack as tight as you could. When everyone had finished you saw a boy running towards you followed by 5 others and your best friend Y/f/n walking close to Harry. Liam wrapped his arms around you, you where in total shock, Liam Payne was hugging you! The Liam Payne from one direction. Then y/f/n came wrapped her arms around you jumping up and down, but this was after Liam had let go, she then let go of you and ran to Black Jack hugging him tight!

Y/f/n: " Harry I know we only met but..... PLEASE CAN I HAVE THIS HORSE!?"

Harry: "I don't think Mark would like that and ill think you'll find the words you are look for are 'but let's pretend its love." He walked over to Y/f/n grabbing her hand and planting a kiss on her cheek. Whispering in her ear "but lets not pretend". Y/f/n  was In complete shock she looked to you and you gave her a quick wink. She then walked away hand in hand with Harry and the other boys followed, Louis with El and Zayn with Perry and Niall tagging along with josh, but Liam stayed with you.

Liam: " how do you feel about a celebration dinner with us?"

You: "That would be amazing!" You shout, realising how loud you had said that you look at the ground and Liam lifts your chin.

Liam: " Good." He says taking your hand and leading you to the rest of the boys and Y/f/n.

And the rest is history, You and Liam are together, Harry and y/f/n are together ands 2 years later you are both married.


Okay so I wrote this for me and my friend that's why it's about horses and thing but I changed it around so that others could enjoy it :) hope you like it! - Jasmine Styles xxx

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