Dating Jack

Jack is immortal. He can't die, and never will. Earth has a second attempt, but something has changed. Something that might change the human race forever - but for better or for worse?


5. Time to Disappear

There was one way to know for sure if this entire race was immortal...

I couldn't do it.

I had a friend what seems like a long time ago. He made me a better man - and he made me do the right thing.

But people who have caused so much death and destruction surely deserve the same fate.

I wouldn't watch the human's second attempt be ground into the dirt.


My watch said three minutes left. I had placed explosives around the perimeter of the castle. Inside sat fifty members of the government, including our leader, who has ensured that all humans would experience the harsh reality of their reign. Every being on this planet had got a taste of their bitterness. Now it will end, at my hand. 

But it might not.

I would survive the smoke, the debris. But they could too. And then what?

An immortal race would do more harm than good. We could be unstoppable.

One minute.

"Stop!" said the girl running towards me.

"Isabelle, get out of here," I instructed.

"I know what you are," she said, hands on knees, gasping for breath. "And I won't let you do this."

I turned to her, placed my hands on her shoulders.

"Isabelle Marie Tyler. If you love me, you will leave now, and won't look back." I made myself turn around and walk away, but I felt a tug of recognition. She was so familiar, and it hurt. But I didn't love her.


Three. Two. One. All I could do was cross my fingers and hope for the best.

But what 'the best' was, I was no longer sure.


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