Dating Jack

Jack is immortal. He can't die, and never will. Earth has a second attempt, but something has changed. Something that might change the human race forever - but for better or for worse?


2. Isabelle

Welcome to Earth, 2.0.

It wasn't inhabited when we found it. No-one knows what drove away the first lot of humans, but it wasn't some killer disease or global warming - no bodies were found, and the planet was perfect. Apparently there were ancient myths of global warming and the end of days, but the planet kept on turning, harmonious and wonderful, content in the sky. Peaceful.

But its new inhabitants were anything but.

'The Future' isn't what the stories say. We haven't invented flying cars or robots. We still have the common cold lurking around in winter. It's still just life, but life was important. Only one chance at getting it right. Some might even say sacred - but everyone is cautious. We have enough money - poverty has been almost completely eradicated - but our superiors are watching.

I'm Isabelle. I'm a lawyer. But it's more than that. I basically decide whether people live or die.

Anything is punishable by death; theft, carrying a weapon, even speaking out against our government.  Anyone and everyone is at risk, all the time. And today I had to deal my boyfriend's fate.


'On this, the 17th day of April, we are here to witness the trial of Perpetrator 11601,' I say loudly, trying not to let my voice crack. They had taken away his name, accused him of his crime before any evidence had been found. Today, my love could die.


And he did. I didn't have enough power to save him. The jury came to the verdict that he was guilty. He was taken away. I heard the gunshots. No-one would survive that, not even Jack, who was so brave, even in the face of defeat. But he's been struck down.


Welcome to Earth, 2.0. Now leave, and don't look back.



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