Dating Jack

Jack is immortal. He can't die, and never will. Earth has a second attempt, but something has changed. Something that might change the human race forever - but for better or for worse?


6. Eternal

 It's been a year since I last saw Jack. My hand-drawn posters have long since faded, smudged by the rain and trodden underfoot upon many sidewalks. No-one ever found him.

A year has gone and yet not a day of it is on my face. He was right.

It took us months to find sufficient evidence, but we know for sure now. None of us can die.

And I found the reason why.

I found a diary entry, titled 'Leave Earth to Die'. It spoke of a virus that drove away the first scattering of humans. It was a mystery to me, a puzzle I was unable to decode. But suddenly it made sense.

Something airborne would inevitably mean that everyone on Earth was affected by it.

The virus was immortality.

It was a mistake, initially. Years ago, in the dingy undercities, chemists would experiment. They conjured up concoctions, drugs, medicines, and the whole world was hooked. You could buy any mood, any time, from anywhere - but it went too far.

They called it 'Eternal'. It was supposed to be a feeling of superiority, but it mutated, growing into something bigger and so powerful that not even the most skilled alchemist could handle it. Convinced it was deadly, the humans fled. The planet kept on turning, immortality pumping through its veins. In silence.

It made sense. Everyone saw no flaw with this explanation. Everyone except for me.

Jack was something different. He was older, much older, than the rest of us. He had caught immortality long before we did; from where, I am uncertain. But I know it's true.

1953. So many years ago from now. It was the year of the crowning of a monarch, and he was there. A sketch of the smiling crowds, patriotic, proud, Jack amongst them. An impossible amount of years before 'Eternal' had even reached the prototype phase.

I knew there wasn't a chance of me knowing the truth. We may be immortal - and that word still feels strange on my tongue - but we're not perfect, whatever that may be. We can't travel back, try to alter things to make a better tomorrow. It's a strict progression of cause to effect and it always will be, regardless of how much we may evolve. 

A part of me was glad to leave the mystery of who he was unsolved. It was the less painful route to take, and definitely the easiest. He was someone who no-one would ever truly know, least of all me. I know he didn't look at me and feel something, I knew from the start.

I just kept hoping.





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