*"*Finished*"* So, this is a story I wrote at school, no idea what you'l think but hey!
Not really sure how to describe it, but you let me know what you think and I will be most happy! ^_^ (I will send you free invisible cake)


4. Paragraph 4

I thought hard for the next few moments. Who was that woman? I know I've heard her voice somewhere before. And Freya. Why won't she wake up? What will happen if she doesn't? And then it all comes flooding back. I suddnely know exactly who the woman was. My mum. How could I forget my own mum? And Charlie, my annoying little half-brother who was going to start school! And Freya? That's me. My name is Freya. Freya Williams. How can I forget that? How? And then another fact hits me. I need to wake up. Before something happens which mum told me about. I shiver. I look around me. I have to leave here? The beautiful, quiet place which has no name? But then I think of my family. They are so much more important. So much more. I take one last look. I close my eyes.

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