*"*Finished*"* So, this is a story I wrote at school, no idea what you'l think but hey!
Not really sure how to describe it, but you let me know what you think and I will be most happy! ^_^ (I will send you free invisible cake)


3. Paragraph 3

It's so quiet here. Wherever here is. I dont know why I like it so much. I just lie here, on a little patch of soft grass, looking at the pale nothing that is the sky. And then I hear a voice. I know that voice. It's a woman's. She sounds husky and tierd, and choked like she's been crying. She's whispering, but I an hear her as if she were right next to me.

"Charlie started school today Freya. He was so exited. He wants to come in later and tell you all about it."

Who's Charlie? Who's Freya? Where have I heard this woman before?

"It would be great if you'd show him your listening Freya, even if he is your annoying little brother."

The woman waverd, as if holding back tears. I wish I could comfort her, she sounds so distressed. Why won't Freya comfort her? The woman clears her throat.

"Please Freya. Wake up. It's been months you've been like this. The doctors said that you need to wake up soon, or you might....you might not...."

The woman starts sobbing, and I hear another woman's voice say.

"There, there Mrs Williams. Come and have a sit down."

And then quiet again.




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