Spectrum street

a part of the spectrum street series. check it out


1. The red rose

Lara and Carl have a dying rose roughly tied to their door. It has a note attached to it. The envelope is green. Lara reads it. Her eyes widen. The camera zooms out. It goes onto a close up, then pans out into a full shot and zooms up into the sky for a birds eye veiw shot. It transitions to the next scene. Lara sits down and passes carl the note. He also reads it and then says "well then Lara"(scottish accent)" i guess we're of to the town. we have a little surprise waiting for us lass." cuts to next scene. They're in town looking suspicous, not in their ordinary clothes. They're in lab coats being out of the ordinary. A man in a trenche coat hiding his hands walk up to them. "So i have it." Passes a steel box."the bullets?" Lara questions. " Yea," the suspicous man replies while looking round. " Wha' was all that red rose malarcky about 'en lad?" carl askes in his pure scottish voice. " The phycsis order have arrived," without a word the man walks away. then he burst into a sprint. " I'll see you at home Carl. I have business to sort out," Lara finishes while chasing after the man. " Lara wait. Snap," Carl says while heading home. Lara leaps over benches and under fences on her fast paced chase. The man heads up a ladder. Lara follows. The man stops at the edge. " Now tell me. Who are the phycsis order," Lara askes. The man turns around and smiles. "You'll never know," The man says while tipping over the edge of the buildings. " Darn." Lara curses and slams her hands into her head. She turns in fustration and walks of.

 The next scene is at home. Carl watching television A sweaty Lara sits down next to him. She breatjhes. "What happened." Carl askes. "Suicide," Lara says. They look at each other. Black out and end of scene.




More coming soon...

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