the rosey day

Peeta and George have an interesting debate.


3. the other confession

i've been so dishonest! i haven't told you... yesterday, hidden within the petals of the rose, i hid a note to george, saying to meet me somewhere it was embracing. he hasn't found it yet i don't think... and what if he doesn't fancy me?!maybe he won't like me anymore? 

                also, im thinking of quitting my job. i've been told off recently for 'not talking' in classes and being to 'easy' on the students. maybe me and george could get a job together, but if i don't get a job, that could mean loosing all our money! perhaps i'll just wait t'ill george gets a job before i quit. or get fired. or both!i'm nervous, excited, scared, happy,sad all at the same time!!! life is so confusing!(sad face!)


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