the rosey day

Peeta and George have an interesting debate.


4. great news!

I'm so exited!!!i can barely speak! not that i speak anyway!sorry, i'm rambling on, arn't i? i will explain.......

on tuesday, me and george were as usual sat on the park bench, admiring the fountains in the park.we were talking about things we could buy. here is our conversation:

"i wish we could afford ice cream, that would be lovley on a day like this!"

"what's your favourite flavour george?"

APPLER SAUSE!!!! he said.

and thats how we came up with the million making plan. we saw an advert in the paper for a weird food competition! we entered immedietly! the prize was a million pounds! we decided,if we win, we will buy an ice cream van, full of exentric flavours of ice cream!

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