A Thorned Spectrum.

Crimson roses are beginning to appear around Spectrum Street... but who is causing this mystery?


2. A Thorned Day's Work

"Hey." I pull a chair up to my desk when I crash into the office. I regain some sort of poise and balance, before spinning my chair round to face a purple-haired Teoh.

"So..." I smile, crossing my legs on the blue chair. I scramble in my bag to find the rose. When I catch my finger on one of the thorns, I locate it and flick it between my fingers as I show it to Teoh.

"What...?" Teoh looks confused. "A... rose. Right. Um..."

Teoh's adorable awkwardness kicks in and I grin.

"Nothing to do with you then?" I shrug, spinning my chair back round and pulling the MacBook from my satchel. It's journalist perks - we all get posh laptops to work on. Beats a slow desktop computer loaded with an out-of-date version of Windows XP. 

"Who's it from then?" Teoh asks, continuing to rapidly type up his latest interview. I throw the now messed-up rose onto my desk and fire up the laptop.

"Not a clue." I reply without turning around, logging in and launching a couple of applications. "Not Giovanna - she wouldn't do that sort of thing." 

Teoh knows Giovanna well - she's his sister's best friend. It's though Teoh that I know Giovanna, though we only became close when we found out we were related. 2nd cousins once removed, but related nonetheless. Teoh flicks his violet hair out of his eyes, considering the culprit.

"Skye? Rosa? Lara? Carl? Peter? George?" he suggests.

"You just named all the people on my street." I laugh, beginning to draft an article about a concert I was asked to visit and report on.

Teoh lets a little jokey, stroppy sigh, before concentrating on his screen again.

I think about the residents of Spectrum Street. There's Giovanna - though I've already counted her out. Skye... she's my best friend, but she and Rosa both absolutely hate Lara, and there was a rose on her doorstep... That excludes the two of them. Lara. She hates everyone (why else would she have tunnels leading into our homes so she can steal our food?). The only people she talks to are Carl, Peter and George. Also, her and Carl's horrific cases of OCD would never be able to leave a rose on the floor. What if it shed a petal, or dropped a thorn? That would never do - far too untidy.

That just leaves Peter and George. They're likely suspects, really, though George is terrible at waking up early. Which is strange, actually, because he used to be homeless and living on the streets, and he'd have to get up suddenly a lot.

So... Peter. I can't really think of a reason why it couldn't be Peter - he's kind and has a good sense of humour.

To be honest, I'm not entirely sure why I'm thinking so deeply into this... Someone just did a cute, kind little deed on Valentine's Day.

No big deal.

But... what if it's a warning?

A warning? Ha, shut up, Grace.

But it's red... a sign of danger.

Seriously? Are you seriously thinking about this?

Yes. Yes I am.


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