Spectrums Rose

On Spectrum street a young girl wakes up to find a red rose sellotaped.


1. The Finding



Skype woke up to Bob Marley her cat sat stared over her. She shreiked loudly before throwing her hands over her mouth to shut herself up. Her cat stared at her in shock like a bomb had gone off. She flipped over towards her clock. As her eyes adjusted from the blur of the night she saw that it was 9:00am. Perfect. She turned back over too see her cat right infront of her face staring again. She screamed again and fell off the bed sending a loud bang flying around the house. It crept through the doors and cracks in the walls. As it hit Rosas room Skye heard her shout"Go away its only nine o'clock". Skye sighed at her sister and got up. As she stood up the room started spinning wildly into a vortex of colour and confusion.


Skye woke up carefully she was on the floor. No sound could be heard and no person could be seen. Seemed starnge considering she had a sister and 3 cats. As she pushed her self up to look at her clock for the second time today she saw it was eleven. Rosa should be at school but Skye had a feeling she wouldnt be. "Rosa",she shouted. "ROSA!!!",she shouted again still no reply. This was a pretty good sign she was at school. Well hopefully. As i pushed myself up again i took a step foward being careful.Nothing happened. I carried on walking. I was at the door. I saw a little flower taped to the door. I flung it open to to find a red rose taped too my door with a note stuck. I looked around. No others. What is going on???

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