The best kind of love ( zayn malik fanfic )

Suddenly he pushed me against the wall , his one hand grabbing both of mine above my head . He brought his lips against mine and I let out a groan. His tongue forced his way between my mouth and soon I was lost in the feeling of his lips as his tongue explored my mouth. God it felt so amazing! His hand were still holding me prisoner and his hard tones muscles were pressing up against me. Soon he let go of my hands and brought them to my breasts still kissing me. He squeezed and caressed them without mercy and all I could do was moan his name again and again. 'You are mine and mine only, Alexis' he said his breathing heavy and his voice deep and full of lust. My breath caught up in my throat, wow he sounded so sexy. I looked back into his eyes that had become a very dark shade of green and all I could say between my moans as he brought his lips against on my neck nibbling and kissing them slightly was 'I only want you, Zayn'


2. Meet the curly haired kid and me

Alexis's POV

I heard a knock outside my door and yelled 'since when did you learn to knock harry?' A boy with brown curly hair all over his face in nothing but boxers entered my room and leapt onto the bed

'Since yesterday when I entered the room and you were making out with Damien' he said with a cheeky grin

. I picked up my pillow and threw it at Harry's head while looking at myself in the mirror applying eyeliner. 'Ow' he said and pulled up my covers upto his chin and put the pillow I threw at him under his head.

'There is no freaking way you are sleeping in my bed without having a shower and also get up I will drop you to college on my way to work.'


I don't wanna go harry whined and I stopped myself from smiling he was such a kid sometimes. Come on harry I can't be late . Eurghh he whined again and went to his room.

This was his usual way of saying good morning to me everyday. Leaping into my bed and begging to let him sleep for five more minutes. I shook my head smiling and looked at myself in the mirror .


A girl with straight blonde hair and deep blue eyes looked back at me. 'Definitely need to get a tan' i muttered to myself and put on my sneakers as uniform for the ice cream parlor . I work there at weekdays to pay harry the rent though he has begged me so many times to not bother with it.

I moved out of my mom's when I was 18 not because I hate her or anything . I love her but she's a single mother who works as a nurse. I couldn't be a burden on her forever. So I decided to skip college and take a job straight away so that I can move out . Harry has been my best friend since we were in kindergarten. His dad's a bit of a well - millionaire so we live in this awesome penthouse kind of apartment

His dad loves me like his own daughter and offered to put me through college but I seriously needed to be independent so I am just doing online courses on weekends to go through with it.

Harry and Mr. Syles have been so nice to me and my mother through everything since the time that I lost my dad in a freak car accident. I still pay as much rent as i can afford to ,much to Harry's and his father's annoyance.

'Let's go hoe' harry shouted from down the hall pulling me out of my reverie . 'Coming dickhead' I shouted back

It's our little form of greeting

I gave a last look to myself in the mirror and walked out of the room. Harry was sitting on a beanbag in front of a 40 inch plasma tv 

I gave him a once over . He was wearing a blazer with jeans and his curly hair was still wet. Harry do you seriously need to wear blazers to uni? Why can't you just wear a normal shirt or something ? I asked sighing

He looked at me with fake hurt in his eyes and said 'but but blazers are my life.' 

I rolled my eyes at his overdramatic acting and grabbed my keys from the counter

The car was a gift from my dad on my 16 th birthday . We were pretty well off back then. I still remember crying like a crazy woman when my dad handed me the car keys to an all new SUV.

It was the best moment of my life.

We got out of the house locking the door behind us and as soon as the click of the lock sounded

Harry let out in a rush 'So Zayn called today.'


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