The best kind of love ( zayn malik fanfic )

Suddenly he pushed me against the wall , his one hand grabbing both of mine above my head . He brought his lips against mine and I let out a groan. His tongue forced his way between my mouth and soon I was lost in the feeling of his lips as his tongue explored my mouth. God it felt so amazing! His hand were still holding me prisoner and his hard tones muscles were pressing up against me. Soon he let go of my hands and brought them to my breasts still kissing me. He squeezed and caressed them without mercy and all I could do was moan his name again and again. 'You are mine and mine only, Alexis' he said his breathing heavy and his voice deep and full of lust. My breath caught up in my throat, wow he sounded so sexy. I looked back into his eyes that had become a very dark shade of green and all I could say between my moans as he brought his lips against on my neck nibbling and kissing them slightly was 'I only want you, Zayn'


1. Description

Alexis was a normal teenager with a pretty good life. She had a mom who loved her to bits, a loving bestfriend called Harry Styles with whom she lived, boys seemed to be fighting over who would get to ask her out and she had her own car. Life was perfect until Harry's older brother Zayn, the player got back in town and decided to move in with them. He was dashing and had never been turned down  until he met Alexis. Both,Alexis and Zayn hated each other's guts since the first time they met but what happens when Zayn decides that he wants Alexis in every way possible whether she likes it or not ? And what happens when Alexis starts falling for Zayn . Does he want more than sex? Or does she want his love? Can Alexis really really turn the dark, violence-loving, dominant player who doesn't care about anybody into someone she can love? Does harry only see Alexis as a best friend? Tons of complications arise. Is this love worth fighting for? Is this really the best kind of love?

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