If only you knew (Niall Horan Love Story)

Isabelle was just an ordinary girl, good grades, and a perfect family. Until one day all of that turned up-side down.


4. what? neighbors??

Isabelles POV


i woke up at around 8:45 to see a missed text message from an unknown number. i soon realized that it was Niall from what he sent me

"Good morning Beautiful! btw you left your magazines on the plane(;"

Great... i thought.. that one had good posters! i quickly responded:

"oh darn! is there any way you can come and return it at my flat?" i hit send then grabbed a towel and jumped in the shower.


once i finished, i got out, dried my hair and let it fall naturally and then put light make-up, a little eyeliner mascara and blush. and then i got dressed and decided to wear my i <3 Irish boys t-shirt and short jeans. i checked my phone and noticed a got a text message from Niall

Nialler: k, what your address?

me: 741 brookswood dr.

Nialler: .............

me: what?

Nialler: we're neighbors...

me: what no way!

Nialler: yup im coming over see you in 30 seconds bye!

me: haha okayy

*End of Convo*

i quickly ran downstairs since Niall would be here any second.. literally.. about 30 seconds later like he said i heard a knock on the door. i quickly opened it noticing Niall with my Magazine with the posters out!!! noooo!! i want the posters! "nope!" he said popping the P. please Nialler? "not unless you agree to hang out with me" he said. "okay fine, give me the posters now please!" i said. "sweet so where would you like to go?" he said


Nialls POV

wow was she gorgeous! especially with her I <3 Irish Boys t-shirt, i kind of want to take her to the amusement park, maybe she will want to go with me!

"so isabelle..."

"yeah?" she said.

"do you want to go to the amusement park with me?"

"sure, if i can have my posters back" she said.

clever girl.. i thought

fine, i gave her the posters back. "okay soo..." i said.. "amusement park it is then, come on!" i said while grabbing her hand and running to my car.




*AUTHOR NOTE* hi guys! well i see i have some readers! well im not sure if this is good, its my first Story ever! so i wanna know if its good or not and if i should update or not. thanks(:

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