If only you knew (Niall Horan Love Story)

Isabelle was just an ordinary girl, good grades, and a perfect family. Until one day all of that turned up-side down.


2. Tragic

Isabelles POV

i woke up in the morning and did my daily routine: shower, make-up and then clothes. i quickly took a shower and blow dried my hair and then curled it. i got a text from my bestfriend Casey

casey: hey girl wanna go shopping?

me: sure! sounds fun! meet you at the park in 30!

casey: kk see you there!

*end of conversation*

i got my keys and ran out the door but before i left, i left a note to my mom saying: "hey mom went shopping with casey, be back in a little bit, love you" i set the note down on the counter then walked out the door. i got into my car and put on the radio, Live while were young started playing and i sung along. the drive to the mall was about 15 minutes. i saw casey in Macy's looking at a gorgeous dress.


she tried it on and it looked gorgeous on her! i told her to get it and she did, but she said she would wear it to a party. i was so excited. 

then suddenly.. i got a call from the police and i answered.

me: h..hello?

police: is this isabelle?

me: yes this is she, is something wrong?

police: yes, im sorry to say this but your house caught on fire and your family died during the fire, we tried saving them but we couldnt, im sorry *hung up*


my hands started shaking and i didnt know what to do. Casey looked at me with concern and asked what was wrong, i told her my family died. and she was very comforting about it, i told her i have no where to live so i am going to call up my Aunt in England. She offered me to stay at her place but i politely denied, i cant have memories close by.. she offered for me to stay just for the night since i have no where to go. i called up my Aunt Lisa in England...

Aunt Lisa: hello?

me: hey, its me.. Isabelle..

Aunt Lisa: oh hi honey! whats up?

me: well.. um.. *i started crying* my family died in a fire at home and i have no where else to stay.

Aunt Lisa: oh honey im so sorry.. you can stay here if you like. ill send you a plane ticket so you can fly out tomorrow.

me: thankyou.

Aunt Lisa: you're welcome, see you tomorrow!

*end of conversation*

Casey tried comforting me with ice cream and a movie which helped a little bit, but i was going to miss her so much.

i went to sleep. with my mind full of thoughts. will she like me? like.. will she kick me out? i fell asleep with all these thoughts in my head.


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