If only you knew (Niall Horan Love Story)

Isabelle was just an ordinary girl, good grades, and a perfect family. Until one day all of that turned up-side down.


5. Fun day at the Amusement Park

Isabelles POV

Once we got in Nialls car, he started asking me tons of questions:

Niall: whats your favorite color?

me: neon

Niall: favorite animal?

me: ferrets and owls

Niall: favorite band

me: one direction

Niall: Favorite member of one direction..?(;

me: Liam.....         jk you haha!

niall: my god you scared me for a minute

we got to the amusement park and right away niall pulls me to the biggest roller coaster there... i started shaking right away

Niall held my hand and told me not to worry because he was there. how sweet(:


Nialls POV

I held Isabelles hand.. she is so beautiful. i took her to the biggest roller coaster there so i could hold her, i know, im smart(; i wanted to take her too the movies afterward, i want her first day here in London to be special.

we got on the roller coaster and immediately isabelle held onto me, it was the best feeling in the world. after the roller coaster ride i took her to a little booth to win her a prize, it was the one where you throw a ball and try to knock down the three milk bottles.  she saw this really big owl and she wanted it. so i wanted to win it for her. i payed the 3 dollars. (1 dollar each ball) i threw the first ball and i knocked down all 3 of them! i knocked down the rest and won her the owl, she was so happy(: i'm starting to grow feelings for her..


Isabelles POV


Niall won me a stuffed owl!! i'm so happy! this has been the best first day ever! Niall told me he wanted to go see a movie with me. i suggested a scary movie because i wanted to be in Nialls arms. he agreed and we went to go see paranormal activity 4. it was scary im not gonna lie, but i felt safe in Nialls arms. I'm beginning to grow feelings for him.. i hope he feels the same way.. after the movie, Niall took me home. i gave him a kiss on the cheek and thanked him for an awesome first day in London. i went inside and my Aunt was sitting sipping tea smirking.

me: what? *blushing*

Aunt Lisa: you like him

me: maybe.. but it doesn't matter, he is in a famous band, it will never work out. 

Aunt Lisa: if you truly care about someone, distance wont get in the way of your affection

me: you're right, thanks Aunt Lisa 

Aunt Lisa: my pleasure dear, i fixed your room, i hope you like the new design(: i'm sorry it wasnt ready before, this one has more color and furniture now.

me: sweet im excited to see it.

i walked into my room



me: omg Aunt Lisa i love it!

Aunt Lisa: glad you liked it sweetie, now.. go get some sleep, big day tomorrow!

me: whats tomorrow?

Aunt Lisa: you will see! goodnight

me: goodnight!



Still Isabelles POV

i wonder what tomorrow is.. anyways,  i do my normal routine, i strip and go into the shower while singing to One Direction Rock me, i jumped out of the shower, brushed my teeth and put on my pajamas with a messy bun



i check my phone and see that i missed 3 messages all from Niall!

Niall<3: i miss you

Niall<3: hopefully i can see you tomorrow

Niall<3: goodnight Isabelle <3


i smile and reply

me: aww i miss you too! i hope i see you tomorrow, you should come over for breakfast! goodnight nialler<3


i smile at my phone and set it down next to me and fell asleep


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