If only you knew (Niall Horan Love Story)

Isabelle was just an ordinary girl, good grades, and a perfect family. Until one day all of that turned up-side down.


3. England

Isabelles POV

i woke up and did my normal routine. got up, washed my hair and did light makeup and dressed comfortably for the plane ride.

i went to the Airport and got passed security and all that jazz. the place was super crowded and tons of screaming girls..

i ignored it and went on my plane. the lady said i have a window seat, seat b34. i said thankyou and went to go find my seat.

i sat down and got out a one direction magazine and started reading, i looked up to see a person with dark glasses and a hoodie.

i ignored and went back to reading my magazine. i heard the guy chuckle at what i was reading, i got a little upset, i dont like

people making fun of one direction. so i told him to cut it out and that he is just jealous he isnt as cool as they are and amazing

as they are. he chuckled and pulled off his hoodie and glasses.. it was.... THE NIALL HORAN! what?? i was so surprised... i didnt

know what to do so i turned away towards the window and kept reading the magazine.


Nialls POV.

she stood up for the band? wow how sweet.. and she is beautiful.. never seen a girl as pretty as her before.. she made my heart

skip a beat.. wait.. but i dont know her name.. im going to find out. so uhh.. what your name? "Isabelle" isabelle? i like it, i said. its a beautiful name for a beautiful girl like you

Isabelles POV

"isabelle, i like it. its a beautiful name for a beautiful girl like you" he said. i blushed but looked away so he wouldn't see, but he did because he smiled and said that it was cute. aww he is so sweet! "so why are you coming to England?" he asked.

"im going to live with my Aunt" i said. "oh cool!" he said.

"attention we have now arrived in England" the lady in the front of the plane said.

"so umm can i have your number isabelle? so we cant keep in touch?" he said

"um yeah sure here" i said and gave him my number.

"awesome, ill see you around?" he asked

"yeah" i said. and with that he walked over to his bodyguard and ran away from the screaming fans.

I saw a card that read: ISABELLE on it, i walked over to the guy and he said Isabelle Rose? yup thats me! i said. The guy said okay follow me, we walked for a minute and walked over to a limo?? is my Aunt rich? goodness... it was nice inside.

*skip car ride*

We pulled up to a really big house, it was absolutely breathe taking! i walked in and saw my Aunt in the kitchen.

"hey" my aunt said while pulling me in a tight hug. "we are going to have so much fun" she said. "come on ill show you your room" i followed her up the stairs down the hall, there was probably 5 bedrooms in the hallway, she took me to the one on the end. it was enormous! it had a water bed and the closet was a walk in and i could literally fit a bed and a desk in there. the bathroom was like a spa, it had a hot tub too! i quickly unpacked and took a nice warm bath and fell asleep.



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