Adopted by Scooter Braun

This story is about a girl named Scarlet. She lives in an orphanage home. But what happens when Scooter Braun adopts her? What happens when she meets Justin and Justin wouldnt know how to treat her right? Would she fall for Justin or would she hate him? Read to find out.


1. Prologue

So my name’s Scarlet Lockheart and I have only one best friend. Her name is Adryana Keritz. We both live in the orphanage home.  We would always play together and such but not anymore. She had just gotten adopted a week ago and I already miss her. So here I am all alone on my bed  missing her when I hear Mrs. Nicole call.  

“Girls from ages 14- 17… please come down now.” I sighed. That’s me.  Just another customer I thought.

I stood up and went to the mirror to see how I looked like. I looked horrible as usual. I brushed my hair and headed downstairs.

I saw a tall handsome man maybe in  his mid30’s . I stand beside the other girls and listen to what I usually hear when someone’s here to adopt. 

“Okay girls… This is Mr Scooter. He is here to adopt a child from ages 14 to 17. So he is going to go talk to every one of you until he finds the child he wants to adopt. Please behave and I’ll see you later “

Ugh , an hour before I could go back upstairs .  After about half an hour, I was about to stand up when Mr. Scooter came and approached me. “Hello , there. What’s your name?”

“Hi, Im Scarlet. “ I said whilst smiling . we talked for a bit before he said “ hold on a sec “ and went to Mrs. Nicole. Not long after Mrs. Nicole and Mr Scooter came to me.

“So , Scarlet. Go upstairs and start packing. It seems like Mr Scooter wants to adopt you” she said whilst smiling. I couldn’t believe it . I was getting adopted ! Finally! I smiled then nodded and went straight to my bed and started packing.

After I was done packing , I headed downstairs with my backpack.

“Are you ready to go Scar?” Mr scooter asked. “Yes, Mr Scooter”  “Alright and please. Starting from today, please call me dad” I smiled. I could already feel the bond growing  between us. 

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