Who's that boy? (Sasuke love story)

All of sudden I met Suigetsu, someone I thought I had lost forever. I decided to join Taka and met the members. Meeting the cold eyes of the Uchiha clan, his black, spiky hair made my heart fall. I fell for him, but all he wanted was to destroy The Hidden Village of Leaf.


2. Chapter 2- Taka

Chapter 2


As we came to the end of the cave, there was a metal door. Suigetsu opened it and as it opened a pair of dark, ruby red eyes stared into his eyes. I was really shocked and almost afraid. At a moment I just wanted to run away and scream, but I didn't. I didn't even move slightly. All I did was stand there and stare.

After some seconds it seemed like that the eyes turned black, back to a normal eye colour. There was a boy standing in the doorway. He had dark, spiky hair and a high necked shirt and a pair of shorts that went under his knees. His eyes narrowed.

"Who is she?"

"Oh! She is just an old friend of mine! I met her on my way back from the village."

"Hmph!" the only respond I could hear.

Suigetsu pulled the door and walked in as I followed.

That boy had a long, slim sword on his back, or was it a blade? Well, he was quite tall, actually. Maybe a head higher than I was, but I was almost sure that he was the same age.

"Don't be like that! She isn't a thief or something. She was my friend from when I was little," Suigetsu said and drank some more water.

We walked through a long, long, long corridor. There was like it had no end. We were walking for ages and then suddenly the boy, without turning around, asked:

"What is she doing here?"

I could feel goosebumps crawl up my arms. His voice was so... Cold.

"Well, she wondered if.... She could join us."

Suigetsu suggested to make a smile.

"A weak, little girl like her?"

Now I got angry. Who was that boy? How can he judge me like that? Hearing the word weak always made me angry. I hated to be weak. I didn't like people calling me weak. I was not weak. I have gone through losing both my parents, being isolated by everyone. I have been left alone, when people saw me, they turned and walked in the opposite direction. They pretend that they don't know me. Kids run away, full of afraidness written on their faces.

"C'mon! She's not that weak. She can heal people. So I thought she might be useful. Like if you, or I, or like Karin or Jugo gets hurt..."

The boy cut him of.

"We'll see."

As quick as a flash, he turned around, took out a kunai and threw it at me. I froze and let out a sharp scream. Suigetsu blocked it.

Were all the members of this group like that? Just throwing kunai without even thinking that it can kill people?

"She's useless."

We walked a little longer. I didn't feel pleasant at all. I was kind of feeling that maybe he was right. Maybe I should not join this Taka group. I was maybe too weak. Thinking back on what Suigetsu said about their super abilities made me think I didn't fit in.

Just as I was about to turn around and return, down the extremely long corridor, we came into a big room. There were two others standing there. A large, orange haired and another girl with red hair and glasses that made her look like a... Nerd.

They looked like they were ready to fight, but when they saw that black haired boy, they just relaxed and stood there. They looked at me.


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