Changed (Sasori fanfiction)

I used to sit beside him. I used to look at him. I used to....   Whatever you think of him, how scary or powerful he is, he is just the one that sat next to me in the lessons, and will always be.


2. Chapter 2

Chapter 2


 ---Mizuki's POV---

I turned around and felt that my eyes were wet. A tear rolled down from my eye, gliding down my cheek.

"I never forgot you," I said as another drip of tear was making its way from my eyes down to my chin.

"Feelings are weak," he said.

I looked straight into his eyes. His eyes, still that brown, still so unbelievable calm, still so emotionless. He hasn't changed a bit. His sound, his hair, his eyes, the way he talked.

He stood up and went pass me, gone out the big, metal, doorframe while I stood still. I couldn't move. I let out a silent hulk as I bent my head and let my emotions stream out.


After I got a bit better I went out the doorframe and walked through the long corridor. then I turned left into a room. I entered the code. There it was, the tracker.

"I'm sorry," I said silently, mostly to myself as I turned it on.

As I fixed him and healed him I put a tracker on him, a GPS. I didn't want to, but I had to. I wanted to know where he was going. I knew that he would go after he awakened. Therefore I just had to put a GPS on him.

I've lost him once, I didn't want to loose him again after over twenty years of trying to find him, when I've finally seen him. I couldn't just let him go and forget everything. 




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