Jinx and Kid Flash

What happened after Jinx helped Kid Flash to escape from Madame Rouge? Well, she left the Hive Five. Where did she live? At Kid Flash's. Read about what happened after she left Hive Five!!!


2. Chapter 2- K for Kid Flash

Chapter 2

K for Kid Flash  


I felt he slowed down. He eventually stopped.

We stood in front of a short path leading to an apartment. Was this where he lived? I looked at it, there were five floors and it actually looked quiet nice. There were some other apartments beside it, they looked the same. Like copies of each others.

There was a big bold letter painted on the apartment door, K. What did that stand for? Kid Flash?

"You can live here at mine for a while." I didn't really want to, but what should I do then? Sleep on the street? No thanks. It was him that made me leave Hive Five.

He held my wrist and led me to the door. I twisted my hand away from his. He just laughed.

"Where are we?" I didnt even know that I asked that, it just automatically came out of my mouth.

"Groove Drive 6, apartment K," he said. Still smiling.

I actually studied that smile he always had on his face. It showed confidence, it showed trust, it showed happiness and it actually made me feel a bit brightened up!

Kid Flash opened the door with the big K on it and we walked in. There was an elivator at the end of the hallway and some stairs at the right. He hitted the bottom for the elevator.

"I am living in fifth floor, on the top of this apartment."

"I am just staying till I get a job and find a apartment to rent," I said, just to say that. I just wanted him to know.

If it wasn't because of him, I wouldn't have no place to live. As soon as I get a job I would rent a apartment as quick as possible and just...leave!

"You can stay even if you get a job," He said grinning. Please stop that grin!

I felt my anger. My eyes glowed. My hands were ready, my fingers aswell. They were ready to hex him!

The elevator opened.



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