Jinx and Kid Flash

What happened after Jinx helped Kid Flash to escape from Madame Rouge? Well, she left the Hive Five. Where did she live? At Kid Flash's. Read about what happened after she left Hive Five!!!


1. Chapter 1- Leaving the Hive Five

Chapter 1

Leaving Hive Five

It was dark, it was cold and I didn't have a place to be. The cold wind was blowing, making me even colder.

What shall I do? I couldn't go back to the H-Tower where I used to belong, and I had no other places to be. Where shall I go then? Where will I live?

I was walking into a little park with some old-fashioned lampposts with calm, orange lights, lighting up the park.

I don't belong to anywhere now. I've got nothing. Not a thing. What shall I do next? Just sleep out here and...what? Continue being a villain, steal people's things, rob banks? Why did I leave the Hive Five then?

There was a bench a bit further beside the path. I went to the bench and sat down. I was freezing. Maybe I shouldn't have left Hive Five? Maybe I should have stayed. At least I had my own room in the tower. I had my own room, my own bed, my own place that no one dared to enter. Good! Fantastic! Awesome! I have no place to live anymore. No where to go...

Another cold breeze.

I stood up and started walking again. Following the path. Not knowing where to go.

Where shall I go now? Why did I listen to that idiotic ginger at all? If it wasn't because of him, I wouldn't have been here. If it wasn't because he said "You can do better." I would not have been here without a place to go. That idiot!

I got really angry, but another thing hit me. Why did I do all this because that "fastest boy ever" said that I could do better? How come?

Suddenly, I felt something. Like someone was behind me. I turned around, and there was Kid Flash leaning against a tree. I could feel the anger.

"Hi!" Did he always have that smile on his face?

"Get lost!"

"No, why? I heard that you left Hive Five?"How did he know?!

"Yes, so?"

"Do you have any place to go?"He wasn't going to help me, was he?


"Then I know where you can stay!"

Before I could answer him (I was going to say NO), he carried me and started speeding. My arms and legs where dangling. I looked around, everything was just a blur. I couldn't see where we were heading, every time I tried to look, I saw a blur of a building or other things, but then it was gone before I had time to look where we were and another blur came. How could he possibly know where he was running like this?

A thought hit me, what if I just fell from his hands right now, while he was running? As quick as a could, I raised my hands and held him as tight as I could. He looked down and laughed at me.

Where were we going?
So that was the story. I didn't end it because I thought I could write more later if somebody likes the story. So please comment so I know someone is reading this story! Then I'll write more!

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