life after death

hi this is my first story so please bear with me. im trying hard. his is about a ghost who ,after braking up with his boyfriend, narly gets killed by ghost hunters. i hope you enjoy!!


2. hunters

someone is following me! a large male around twenty and a tall girl with a pretty face. she looked about sixteen. right. ok. wait; they cant see me. he has just bumped into someone so there oviously not ghosts. i must be paranoid.

i turned into an alleyway and smiled to myself. how stupid of me to be so scared. its almost impossible to hurt a ghost unless you another ghost or a hunter. the pair swiftly turned the corner into the alley and rebooted my fear. ghost hunters, thats how they can see me. they were trained.

the man suddenly sprints in my direction. i need to make it to the end of the alleyway. there is a ten-foot wall that i could walk through. then i made the biggest mistake someone running can make: i looked back. tripped and fell to the ground landing on my back.

the man was on me in an instance pinning me down. i tried to become unphysical but it earned me a punch in the face, whacking my head into the concrete. a sharp pain clouded my vishion. i was punched again as i tried to raise my hands to defend myself. "keep still and quiet. it'll be over soon." the man said.

as my vishion cleared i saw him raise his hand to his pocket. he removed a long black blade that captured the light on its smooth surface. on it, a symbol had been expertly carved; a sort of G shape with lines through it. the symbol had its own light a bluish purple colour that illuminated the piercing edges of the knife.

well if this is the end theres no use fighting it. i've had a good life. a good afterlife. i tensed my body as he raises the knife; ready for death. "goodbye" i whispered the words to no one in particular. he has the knife raised; taunting me. the light of the sun glimmers on its tip suddenly going dark as the blade tears through the air to get me.




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