Feelings are hard control. Some might say it's impossible.
Niall can't control his feels for Emma, even though she has a boyfriend. What starts out as an innocence try, becomes a deeply love, as their feelings for each other grow more intense. But their love is hard to be accepted. Hate, fights and a violent gang tries to tore them apart.

Will Niall ever be able to stay with Emma? And when something unexpected happens.. Will they find a way out?


6. Chapter 6



I stormed out of the door, Niall right behind me. I couldn't believe it. How could Niall get into so much trouble? I was so mad! I looked over my shoulder. Niall tried to rub the blood of his face. I looked forward again and shook my head. No. We had talked to management about this. NO fighting, no matter what, they said. Niall clearly broke that. Why was he fighting at all? I just couldn't understand.

My gaze searched for our van among the other cars on the parking spot. I spotted the gray van and headed that way, Niall still close behind me.

I jumped in the van, making room for Niall to enter. Harry was staring at his face, confused.

"What took you so damn long?" Lou asked and looked at us. "And where's the food?" Zayn asked from beside him.

I looked at Niall, waiting for him to explain to all of us.

Paul started the car.

"Yeah Niall, what took you so long?" I asked him.

The boys stared at him. Even Paul turned from the drivers seat.

"I.." he started. "I went to get some food.. and then I saw.." he paused and smiled looking down. We all stared at him. "Who did you see?" Zayn asked curiously.

"Emma." he looked at him and a smile lighted up his whole face. Zayn, Harry and Louis' mouths dropped wide open. Paul looked confused at him. "Niall, who's Emma?" he asked. "And why aren't you surprised like the others, Liam?" Ha, Paul. You really wanna know?

"Because I saw her as well. She was there too," I answered.

"Emma, Paul, is simply a girl Niall invited home yesterday." Louis said in his matter-of-fact tone, causing Niall to stare angrily at him. "Did you take her home?!" Paul snapped. He was angry now. "And apparently, she has a boyfriend. And they.. kinda started a fight back there.." I added slowly. Paul's face grew even more mad, and Haz, Zayn and Lou stared surprisingly at Niall. "So that's why you have stained blood under your nose.." Haz said. I heard the engine stop, but Paul didn't care.

"DID YOU FIGHT AGAINST HIM??!" he yelled. Zayn silently rubbed Niall's bag, with a caring and understanding look in his eyes. He stared broken on me, a tear brimming in his eye. I shouldn't have gone so far, I know. I was just so... Mad.




I couldn't believe it. Why did Paul had to yell it out in my face? And why did Liam even say that? Why did he had to remind me of the fact that the most wonderful girl in the world was taken?

I was so pissed. The only support I got, was from Zayn. He supported me in everything. I could always tell him how I feel.

"We can talk about this later.." I sighed. Paul nodded. "Indeed. We can talk back in the studio," he started the engine again. I glanced back at Nando's. My eyes grew wide when I saw Emma and her 'boyfriend' walk out. Pfff. What a prick. Why would she even be with him? He had hurt her back there.

I was about to storm out of the car, but Harry grabbed my shoulder. "Niall, don't," he said slowly, knowing what I was up to. Paul turned and saw me glancing. He turned back, staring in the direction I was looking.

"Oh.." he said. "Is that Emma? And is that huge fellow her boyfriend?" I nodded. Paul sighed.

Meanwhile, Emma and that prick of a boyfriend got into the car, and started driving away.

"Paul, please, can you drive after them? I.. gotta check somethin.." I hurry to say. They shouldn't know about my little plan. I had to know where she lived.

Paul sent me a quick glance before he drove after them.

"Ni, what are you up to?" Louis said suspiciously. I didn't answer and kept my eyes on the black car.


No-one spoke while we drove after them. Not close behind them, but far enough to see the car. 

They parked in front of an ordinary house on the road. So that must be her home.. "Niall, what-" Paul started. "Shhh!" I interrupted and climbed up to the front of the van as it parked a bit away from the house. I saw Emma slam the door, and storm up to the front door of the house.

"Hey, hey!" her boyfriend yelled and ran out the car. "Emma!" she stopped and turned to face him. "I'm sorry.." he say, and laid his hands on her waist. She looked down at her hands. I noticed that she held my cap, and patted my head to check. It was mine.

Then he lifted up her head, so he could look into her beautiful eyes. "I'm really sorry," he said and kissed her passionated.  

I curled my hands into balls. "OH HELL NO!" I yelled and slammed my hands on the seat. NO. I CAN'T CONTROL MYSELF, LEMME GO OUT AND BEAT HIS FAT ARSE NOW!

Zayn laid a hand on my shoulder again. "Niall," he said, trying to calm me. "NO!" I yelled in despair. I'd go out and punch the prick right in his damn face, but then Emma pushed herself away from him.  

I stopped, and stared. What? 

"Oh c'mon! Emma?" he spread out his arms, obliviously disappointed about her reaction. She turned and walked up to door.

Ha! my mind laughed devilish.

She sent him a short glance, standing in the door frame. He stood there, looking confused and disappointed at her. Then she closed the door, her face completely emotionless. Her boyfriend turned around and screamed in anger. He stormed up at his car, kicking the wheels more than once. Oh my, he's mad.

He roared, jumped into the car and drove away with a whine from the wheels.


"Pffft!!" I burst out giggling. The boys laughed along with me.  

"That... Was...." The last of Liam's sentence disappeared in a high laugh. Paul just stared at us. I couldn't read his face. "C'mon Paul, smile!" Louis giggled and punched his shoulder. Paul didn't react. He started the engine again. Louis' smile disappeared. Oh no, this can't be good. "Paul? You okay mate?" I asked.

He looked at me. Nothing in his eyes. How is that even possible? He's always in a mood! The mighty Paul Higgins cannot be numb!?

"Just..." he sighed and continued, "Niall, are you the cause of this?" I stared at him. What? Does he think I am the cause of this?? Wait, wait, wait. Am I?

"Why- why do you think that?" I replied.

The van was completely silent again.

He sighed once more. "Um... Never mind.." he started driving away, back at rehearsals.

I sat down among the boys and stared out of the window. 


Was I the cause of this? Me? I mean, of cause many girls would prefer to date one of us. Like any time. But.. Emma didn't seem to be like that. She seemed.. Different.

The whole way to rehearsals, I wondered if I actually could be the cause of this. Paul's words was on repeat in my mind.

What if I am?



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