Feelings are hard control. Some might say it's impossible.
Niall can't control his feels for Emma, even though she has a boyfriend. What starts out as an innocence try, becomes a deeply love, as their feelings for each other grow more intense. But their love is hard to be accepted. Hate, fights and a violent gang tries to tore them apart.

Will Niall ever be able to stay with Emma? And when something unexpected happens.. Will they find a way out?


5. Chapter 5



I woke up fast. My phone buzzed beside me and my annoying ring tone made my eyes wide. I turned, looking at it like 'are you serious? Do I look like someone who wants company know?'. I immediately threw that thought away, looking at my screen.

Incoming call from: Dennis.

I tapped answer.

"Hey Babe," he said. I sighed and smiled. "Hey."

"What's up?"

"Getting extremely bored.." I mumbled, and heard him laugh raspy through the phone.

"You're cute when you mumble," I smiled and blushed. Glad he couldn't see it.

"Wanna join me for a bit to eat?" he asked.

"At Nando's?" We always ate there.

"Yes, babe, your favorite. I'll be at yours in 30 minutes."

"Looking forward to see you. Bye."


I smiled. We started dating in January last year. Soon, we've been together for 1 and a half year. The times we've been spending with each other, were all wonderful. He really loved me.

And I loved him.

I got up and looked in my mirror. I was still wearing the dress from yesterday, my hair was still a mess, and my makeup? Don't even mention.

I quick found a proper outfit for Nando's. Some blue jeans and a printed top.

I removed the old makeup, took a quick shower, got dressed and put some new makeup on. Not something extreme, just my usual mascara and a light eyeshadow. I was finished just in time to hear a loud horn outside. I ran over to my window, seeing Dennis slamming the door and lean up the his black car. I smiled down to him, winking. He smiled in return, giving me a little nod.

I ran downstairs as fast as i could. John noticed when I grabbed my jacket, opened the door and then he shouted; "Hey! Where do you think you're going?" I stopped and stood in the door of the kitchen. They were all staring at me.

"Out with Dennis?" I answered. Tom lighted up when I mentioned him. "No Tom, just me and him this time." I confirmed. The sparkle in his eyes past out. He had litteraly just ruined our date that day I allowed him to join us.


We were out, walking in the park late evening, just the three of us. We've been on a restaurant and took a shortcut through the park. Then some dude came up to me, with a huge beer can in his hand. Obviously, he was drunk. He was waving from side to side like a flag, and stopped in front of me. "Heeeii gurll, y-yare beatuful." he said to me. I smiled at him. It's was cute. But Dennis and Tom weren't smiling at all. I looked up on them. They were looking at each other, staring, and then, before I could blink, Tom hit the dude right in the face. He flew back, dropped the can and landed on the ground.  

"Tom!" I yelled. "What the hell are you doing?! Back of!" Then Dennis held me tight into his chest. I tried to wiggle myself free. Tom walked over to him and kicked him twice in the stomach.  

"Come.." Dennis said in my ear and dragged me away. The boy screamed.  

"No! He didn't do anything to me! Please, Dennis, I beg you, make him stop!" I cried. I was so scared for the boy. He was innocent! The tears started to stream down my cheeks. Dennis looked down at me. "Tom," he said, holding my gaze. Tom lifted up his head, looking at us. "Time to leave."  

The boy was crying and curled into a ball. I wanted so deeply to help him. Say I was sorry, hug him and say everything will work out. But Dennis dragged me away and drove us home. I couldn't believe that Tom did this. And that Dennis just stood there, doing nothing. I laid the whole night in my bed, crying. I wanted do forget this, or replay the action in time to stop Tom.

But, as usual, that wasn't possible.

*End of flashback*

"Ah, Dennis," John said. "I like that fellow." he nodded and Tom smiled. I'm quite sure John knew about their little 'gang'. And he wasn't against it. I was. I've told Dennis more than once to quit the gang, and every time he said: 'Of curse, babe' and held my hand tight. But soon after he was back again. "But be back before tomorrow right?" my mum said with a smirk. Ew, mum! How dare you..

I know what you're thinking. But yes, we'd slept with each other before. And yes, we both enjoyed. I just... don't want to right now..

I didn't answer her, and walked out the door. Dennis was still standing leaned up his car. I quick jogged over to him. He laid his hands on my waist. "Hey." I greeted. "Hey baby." he said and bend down to me. His smooth lips met mine and kissed me lovingly. I had to stand on my tiptoes to reach him, and he had to bend down. Yeah, I'm not the tallest, but I like me as I am.

"Shall we go?" he said, when he removed his lips. "Sure." I said and stepped in the car.


When we reached Nando's, he parked and stared at my face. "W-What?" I said giggling. "Oh, nothing," he answered and smiled. "I just love to call you mine." I blushed so much as I smiled, I'm pretty sure I looked like a tomato. "Aww, babe!" I said, squeezing his hand. That was so cute!  

"Come on, let's go inside." he smiled and gave me a peck on the lips.

Nando's was pretty full as always. We found a table down the corner. I sat down as I use to, Dennis asking me what he should order. "Um, I don't know. Surprise me." I said with a smirk. He laughed and gave me a kiss on the cheek. "All right." he walked up to the bar among many others into a long line. I sighed. Sometimes, he really was wonderful, sweet and caring. But other times, he could be the biggest jerk I've ever met. Just like what was about to happen. Of curse, I didn't know before it was too late.



I reached Nando's, and walked inside, without be recognized. I sighed relived. The lovely smell of chicken filled the room. Nando's was quite full today. The summing sound of many people talking calmed me. I loved being around people.

I searched for a free table and spotted one next to the corner. I quick walked over there before it was taken. Halfway, I looked at the table in the corner and recognized some pretty, dark haired girl sitting with her back to me. My heart skipped a beat.


I had butterflies in my stomach again and my heart fluttered. I tried my best, but I couldn't remove the feeling. Honestly, I didn't want to either.

I ran towards her, forgetting all about my hunger and the empty table. She was sitting alone, staring out of the window.

"Hey." I said and sat next to her. She jumped scared on her seat. I smiled. How cute.

Cute? Niall, get yourself together! my mind yelled.

"Hey, she smiled. "Um, have we met before?" she said in confusion. What do you mean 'have we met before'? I was an inch from telling her all about last night and ask her why she forgot, when I realized I still was wearing the dark glasses. "Oh, I'm sorry," I said and took the glasses of.

"Better now?" I smiled. She studied my eyes trying to recognize.

"Oh my God.. Niall?" she gasped surprised and smiled. I laughed quiet. "Yeah it's me."

"I couldn't recognize you with those." she pointed on the sunglasses.

"When you're outside the flat, you need to disguise yourself." I reminded her.

I forgot that fact too often though.

"W-What are you doing here?" she asked happily.

Gosh, she was lovely. Her beautiful, rare eye colour, her hair, bright smile and most of all, I loved her laugh. I could listen to that all day.

"I'm at Nando's, the best eating place in the whole world!" I burst out. She laughed, and I smiled like an idiot. "You love Nando's too? It's my favorite!" she laughed. We laughed together. I felt great.

This moment, this girl.. It was just perfect.

But there's always a backside of all the great things in life. And this... This moment was about to transform into something really bad. I should have seen it come. She was taken.



It was so nice to see Niall again. I really enjoyed, until..

I was to busy talking to him, so of curse I didn't see Dennis come back to our table caring the food.

He stopped right away, when he saw Niall sitting there, laughing beside me. He must have been furious. He really was the most jealous boyfriend I've ever had. And when he became furious, you had to get away from him as fast as possible.

Dennis smacked down the tray with lightning in his eyes. I turned my face against him.

"Oh no.." I said and stopped laughing when I knew what was going to happen. My face was extremely serious and afraid, but Niall kept on laughing.

"Wha-at?" he giggled.

"Niall, stop!" I sneered low and kept my eyes on Dennis. He stormed over to the table, dragging every ones attention with him.

Nando's became very quiet as all their eyes were watching us.

I knew what was about to happen.

"Dennis," I raised from the seat, trying to calm him down. This would end badly. Not just badly, worse than that. Niall watched me, and turned his face in the direction I was looking. "Don't do this, Dennis."

Niall obviously didn't get it, and raised from his seat too.

He couldn't even blink before Dennis had a tight hold on his shoulders.

"What do you think you're doing, huh?" he spat.

Niall was surprised but kept calm. I had to stop this.

"Dennis!" I ran over beside him. "Stop, Dennis stop it! Leave him alone!" I held on his arm.

"Put me down," Niall said slowly, as he was lifted of the ground. Dennis was way much bigger than him. "I don't want trouble, OK?"

Dennis smiled like it was the dumbest answer ever and sat him down. "You should have thought about that before you even talked to her, you leprechaun." he sneered. Niall stared angrily at him.

I gasped in fear, when he punched Niall right in the stomach. He bend over with a moan, dropping his cap on the floor. "Dennis?! What the fuck are you doing??" I yelled. Why did he punch him? We were just talking! My mind was screaming. I couldn't understand.

Niall got slowly up, holding around his stomach and looked at Dennis. His eyes were full of anger. Dennis smiled, obviously happy about his actions.

I pushed him right in the chest. "Why did you do that, huh?" I pushed him again. I was so mad at him. Why was he so damn jealous? It really pissed me off.

He looked down at me, locked his hands around my wrists and held them tightly together. "Let go of me," I spat. He didn't, and tightened his grib. The pain ran up my arms. He didn't say anything, he just saw into my eyes.

"Ouch, Dennis it hurts, let go!" I tried to wiggle myself free. His eyes were still full of lightning. Why was he hurting me? Dennis had never done this before..

I was pushed to the side, as Niall ran straight into Dennis, and they both fell onto the floor. My wrists was free again, but my focus was on Niall and Dennis, who laid on the floor beating each other. I didn't sense the pain in my wrists anymore. "Stop boys, please just stop fighting!" I cried.

Niall hit him in the stomach "Don't you hurt her ever again!" he spat. Dennis moaned from under Niall.

He was protecting me. I couldn't hold it anymore, and let the tears run silently down my chins. "Stop fighting, please!"

I gasped again as Niall got a second punch in his face in return. He rolled of Dennis and took his hands up to his face. "Niall!" I cried. It hurt me to see him get beaten. He rolled a bit away and moaned again. People was gathered around us. I ran over beside him.

"Go away!" I yelled to them. They were all surprised, but they kept on standing there. I was close to go over there and kick them. But I staid beside Niall. He needed me more.

Dennis raised, ready to kick Niall on the floor. "Dennis!" I screamed in fear.

"No! Don't hurt him anymore!"

Just as I said it, Dennis was taken back from behind of someone I didn't recognize. Though I didn't know him, I was so happy that he could stop the fight. At least for now. "Wow, easy there. Calm down." the stranger said slowly.

"Hey!" Dennis said.

"Let go!"

The dark stranger kept on holding him. He was wearing the same glasses as Niall.

"Niall," I said in his ear. "Niall, you have to get up." I supported him, as he trembling stood up. "Let me kick his arse.." Niall mumbled through his hands. "No, Niall. This got to stop." I begged.

He removed his hands from his face. "Emma," he said slowly and looked into my eyes. I gasped. His face and hands was full of blood from his nose. "Oh my God, Niall.." I said chocked and held my hand on his cheek. The tears started streaming again. "Don't cry." he said, took my hand down and hold it. "I'm all right." he smiled.

Then Dennis tried to wiggle himself free from the stranger, but when he leaned forward, the stranger let go of him. He fell onto the floor but was quick to stand up again. He stared angrily at the stranger. He was even more furious now.

"Dennis." I said to get his attention. He turned and his angry gaze staring on me and Niall, holding hand. Dennis' chest raised and fell quickly. I let go of Niall's hand and walked over beside him, the whole Nando's watching my every move.

I slowly laid my hand on his arm, looking into his eyes. He didn't say anything, just stared into my eyes.

I turned my head as the stranger walked over to Niall, whispering something in his ear. He nodded and smiled to him. I couldn't resist, and smiled too. I loved to see him happy. Dennis didn't.

He pushed me to the side, and stormed after Niall. "Niall!" I warned. He turned, and before Dennis could crash into him, he jumped till the side. Dennis kept on chasing him, Niall kept on fleeing. I was so panic. I didn't want them to hurt each other, but I couldn't do anything.

Dennis chased him among the audience, who screamed and moved out of their way. "Stop!" I yelled, but they didn't listen. The stranger came up to me, and lifted down the glasses. "Emma," he said.

Wait, wait, wait. I recognized that voice. I couldn't believe it.

"Liam??" I said surprised. He nodded. "Can you please stop them?" I begged. "I can try,"

In that moment, Niall ran behind him, hiding. Dennis ran up in front of Liam, confronting him. "Move." he said angry.

Oh no.

Liam shook his head. "If you want him, you have deal with me first,"

Dennis yelled and grabbed around his shoulders. But Liam didn't keep calm as Niall. No, he jumped right on him, laying him down. I gasped. How could he do that? Dennis was stronger than every other I knew.

Dennis' eyes were wide open. He couldn't understand either. But he didn't do anything. He just laid on the floor staring at him. Liam raised from him, holding his hand towards him in case he would attack again. But he didn't. Liam looked at Niall. "Come," he said. Niall nodded.

'No, don't leave!' my mind begged. Emma, stop it!

Liam walked out the door, Niall right behind him. When Niall walked past me, he squeezed my hand and looked into my eyes. His face were still full of blood. The moment was short. I know this sounds crazy, but it felt like heaven. Then he walked out the door after Liam, leaving me with this strange feeling.

Dennis stared angrily at the door. I looked around us. The crowd began to walk back to their seats. I sighed and my hand ran up my hair. This was crazy. I couldn't believe what just happened, and walked back to our seats. I was about to step on Niall's cap, but I stopped just before. I bend down and picked it up. I ran my fingers up the red sewing. I remember he was wearing this the night we met. I sighed again. I got a huge chok when Dennis came up behind me.

"You all right love?" he asked. I nodded.

He did it again. This date has ended just as I'd feared. He was so nice the first moment, but when he got jealous, he got furious and couldn't control his actions. Just like the moment he was hurting me. He would never have done that on purpose. Would he..?

"C'mon, let's leave," he said in my ear. I nodded again. I was speechless. My feelings refused to be discovered by myself, and rolled all around in my mind.


We left Nando's and walked out to his car. I still had Niall's cap in my hand. I sat in the passenger seat, when he drove me all the way home. When we reached my house, I stepped out of the car slamming the door and walked fast up to the front door.

"Hey, hey!" Dennis yelled and ran out to me. "Emma!" I stopped and turned to face him. "I'm sorry.." he said, and laid his hands on my waist. I looked down on the cap instead of looking him in the eyes. Niall's blood was on my hands. I was so mad at Dennis. Why, Dennis? Why are you so jealous? It's pissing me of every time.

He lifted up my head, so he could look into my eyes. "I'm really sorry," he said before he bend down and kissed me passionated. I didnt kiss back and pushed myself away from him, anger boiling inside me. "Oh c'mon! Emma?" he spread out his arms with a sad expresion in his face. I turned away fro him, walked up to door and opended it. I gave him a short glance. How dare he think that a kiss can make all this up. I closed the door while he was just standing there, looking confused at me. When I closed the door, I heard a yell of rage from outside. I didn't care. I just ran up to my room and locked the door. Uh! I was so mad. His actions only made everything worse. I looked at the cap in my hand.


I smiled. This was so fucking silly. He was protecting me from Dennis back there. I sighed. It really was silly.

But there was something else too.. Deeply inside me I felt... Butterflies? By the thought of him? No way. Emma, tell me you're not starting to falling for this guy?

Sorry, I said to myself smiling. 


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