Feelings are hard control. Some might say it's impossible.
Niall can't control his feels for Emma, even though she has a boyfriend. What starts out as an innocence try, becomes a deeply love, as their feelings for each other grow more intense. But their love is hard to be accepted. Hate, fights and a violent gang tries to tore them apart.

Will Niall ever be able to stay with Emma? And when something unexpected happens.. Will they find a way out?


4. Chapter 4


I woke up to the sound a light snoring, opened my eyes slowly, and blinked out the morning vision. My tired gaze wandered around the room. An early morning sunshine ligthed up the huge room.

But something didn't seem right.

This wasn't my house, I confirmed to myself. It wasn't Kat's either.

Where was the hell was I?

My eyes were wide open, as I remembered the actions of last night. "Oh fuck.." I mumbled, and tried to sit up in the couch. But something held on to my hip. I looked over my shoulder and saw Niall laying close up behind me with his hand placed on my hip. I slowly removed it, trying to be as silent and careful as possible. I laid his hand beside me and sat up in the couch, with my hands buried in my hair. I was so wasted. The punching headache was like a deep bass in my head. Last night was crazy.

What the hell was I'm thinking? I should never had walked home with them, I should have walked straight home, I should have said no from the start.

Why did I come then? Well, it's not every day One Direction saves your life.

I looked around the room again. Niall was laying by side. That was one, four to go. I had to make sure they all were asleep before I left. I didn't want to be stopped or something. Liam laid in the other couch, on top of Harry. That's three. I looked down on the floor, searching for Louis and Zayn. I hoped they were asleep as the rest of the boys. I must be quick to get out of there before they woke up.

I slowly raised up, still aware of making any noises. I turned my body around, finding Louis laying in an awkwardly position, just behind the couch I raised from. He was the one who was snoring. Well, that was four. Zayn could be anywhere. I walked cautioned over to the door.

Then I heard the sound of running water and a singing voice somewhere in the flat. "You don't know- oh oh! You don't know you're beautiful!" I sighed lightly and smiled. He was in the shower. But how long would that take? My face grew serious again. I hurried to take my jacket of the hanger and open the door. My gaze took a last look around the pretty room. It ended on Niall, still laying on couch as I had left him. He had a little smile on his face and looked so happy. I smiled, silly shaking my head. Last night has been unforgettable. I closed the door slowly, without making any noise.


I ran down the stair, as fast as I could, and turned to the left. The sunshine lighted up the street as I ran over the street, up on the sidewalk. What if they woke up, just now, and they would ran after me? The thought made me increase the speed until I ran as fast as I could.

When I reached the road to my house, I looked over my shoulder and sighed. I was alone. I slowed down and walked the last part, with my heart almost pumping out of my chest.

The road was empty and silent. I breathed in the fresh air, as I walked up to my house. The door was locked, but I quick drag my key out my pocket and locked myself inside. The house was just silent as the road outside. I was pretty sure that my mum, John and Tom were asleep. I must say, I was terribly wrong.

"Emma?" my mum asked from the kitchen.

Shit. Told you.

"Yes." I confirmed, and hang my jacket on the hanger. I walked down the small, red hallway and turned right into the kitchen. I found my mum at the stove, making eggs.

I realized that my hair must have been a mess, by the way she surprised starred at me.

"How was the party?" she asked returning to the eggs.

I've forgotten all about the party at Kat's. My mind was focused on the event later that night.

"Um, it was great." I said, pretended to smile. I didn't lie. The party was great. Kat does always invite everybody at her parties. EVERYBODY. Not just her closest friends. Nah, all her friends.

Kat has been my best friend since forever. She was weird, but she was that kind of weird that people easily fell in love with. Not like love-love but she was very likeable. She was the most sassy person I've ever known. If someone asked her something, she was honest, and answered truly, not concerning what the might think. No matter the question.

Even though many liked her, she had many haters too. I guess they were just jealous. She had this quote she always said about her haters;

'Haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate, while I'm just sitting on my fucken rainbow, eating a taco, and not given' a fuck!'.

She could always make me laugh, no matter what was wrong. But she was also a great listener, and she understood me better than anyone else when I was in trouble. We had so many great memories.

"Good," my mum didn't even removed her gaze from the eggs. "Want some breakfast, love?" Back at reality.

"Yeah sure." my stomach has been screaming for food ever since I walked away from the flat. I smiled silly by myself. It has been just as fun as the party. I was reminded of the headache, when the 'bass' started again. I grabbed the pill glass in one of the closets and drank a huge glass of water.

"Can you go upstairs and wake John and Tom?" I swallowed the pills and drank the water.

My mind was screaming through the headache. No! Not John.. Not now.

I would have told her I'd rather jump off a cliff, but I just nodded, sat down my glass, turned on my heels and made my way for the stair. I walked down the long hallway and continued on the stair. Pictures of Tom and I hanged on the wall beside it. I smiled seeing my favorite. It was the one from my childhood, when our family still was complete. Mum, dad, Tom and I, smiling. We were all happy back there. I wish I could go back to that time.

I turned right and stood in front of Tom's room. I knocked gently on the door. "Tom? Breakfast is ready." I heard the usual moan and walked in front of the door to mum and John's bedroom. I knocked harder on their door. "Breakfast!" I yelled, without caring about the consequences. I walked down the stair again, into the kitchen and sat at my usual chair at the end of table. A hot plate of eggs was placed in front of me. "Thanks mum." I said, and began to eat. My mum joined me, along with Tom, who just had come down, still rubbed his eyes. "Good morning, Tom." my mum said. He nodded as response and sat beside me. I looked at the door to see John standing there, staring at me. I truly hated those sticky eyes of his. His filthy hair was taken back in a small ponytail.

"Mornin' bab." he said, walked over to mum and kissed her. I looked away in disgust. They were acting like teens.

He sat down beside her and began to eat his eggs. What a pig, I thought. He really ate like a pig. Ugh. I would have felt sick, but I've got more use to it though the years. My mum started talking about some stupid subject, and of curse John believed in the opposite she said, as they started arguing. Tom couldn't resist participating. I laid back in my chair, listening to their words without really care. This was just an ordinary Sunday at the Valerie's. Full of argues and disagreement.

"I'm full." I said, taking my plate to the wash. My mum looked across her shoulder. "All right, love." she said and continued the discussion. I quickly ran up the stair, into my room and dropped myself on the bed. I started thinking about last night. Ha ha. I smiled thinking of the drinking game. I remembered Niall making that face at me and both of us started to laugh. Oh my.

I had to forget him. He was a famous star, and I was just me. Another girl out of thousands. 'Drop it Emma! You have a boyfriend, remember?' I sighed. I was right. I decided to take a little nap, waiting for the pill to work. I quick fell asleep.




I didn't know how long I've slept. I stretched my hand in the air and yawned. My hand got down the couch, searching for Emma. "What the-" I tired said. My eyes was wide open. She wasn't there.

I sat up quickly and rubbed my eyes. I looked around the room. No Emma. Then I heard the sound of running water. Maybe she was in the shower? It was worth checking. I trembled down through the kitchen, avoiding the sharp pieces of glass laying everywhere from last night. I heard Harry moan from the livingroom. I don't know why, but I was exited to see her. Something bubbled inside me. No, Niall stop right now, my mind spoke. You've just met her, she's just like every other fan of yours.

I sighed. No, I told myself. She's not like every other fan... She's.. Different.

I stood in front of the bathroom beside Liam's room, where the sound came from. I knocked gently on the door. "Emma?" I said, and opened the door. A high scream hit my face. The worst part; it wasn't even her.

"Vas happenin, Niall?! Wot are ya doin??" Zayn loudly said with accent sticking his head out of the shower. His black hair was flat down his face.

"Um... I.. I was just looking for someone." I mumbled and trembled out the bathroom.Then Zayn started singing. "Oh I just wanna take you anywhere that you like, we can go out any day any night." I smiled silly and giggled.

My stomach was roaring for food. I looked curious down and petted it. "Don't worry, I'll get us some food." I said by myself and walked into the kitchen. I opened the fridge, searching for something eatable. I put on my sad face. Damn, no food.

I quick ran, frustrated over my discovery, into the living room. "BOYS!" I yelled. I heard Louis moan from behind the couch. Harry looked scared at me with Liam on him, wide awake. Liam woke too, quick sat up from Harry's chest and rubbed his eyes. "What's going on?" he said staring at me.

"Do we have anything eatable in this house??" I spoke fast looking desperately at them. "Um, I don't know, did you check the frid-" I interrupted. "THE FRIDGE IS EMPTY!" Liam stared even more surprised at me.

"Oh my God!" Louis head shot up behind the couch. "That's horrible!" he maked a sad grimace. I nodded sadly.

Then Zayn walked into the room, with a towel around his waist. "Well, we could go to the store later." he suggested. I stared angrily at him.

"It must be right now." I cold said.

Harry sighed. "Go to Nando's then.." my smile was huge. "Thank you! Thank you, master Styles!" I said, and bend for him. He smiled and I heard Zayn laugh. "Go Niall. And bring some home, will ya?" Louis said smiling. I grabbed my purse, jacket and ran out the door.

"Niall!" Harry yelled at me before I reached outside. I stopped and turned to him. What now?

"You forgot your glasses," he said with a smile, handing me my favorite pair of sunglasses . "We don't wanna be recognized out there, like last night." I smiled and putt them on. I pointed at him with both my hands like 'you're the man!' and started walking backwards. "Thanks pal. See ya there!" I said with my american accent. Harry laughed and shook his head, before he closed the door. I turned back forward and started walk to Nando's.


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