Feelings are hard control. Some might say it's impossible.
Niall can't control his feels for Emma, even though she has a boyfriend. What starts out as an innocence try, becomes a deeply love, as their feelings for each other grow more intense. But their love is hard to be accepted. Hate, fights and a violent gang tries to tore them apart.

Will Niall ever be able to stay with Emma? And when something unexpected happens.. Will they find a way out?


3. Chapter 3


He waited for me to come up beside him under the lamppost. He shyly smiled as I stood beside him. "Where are we going?" I asked as we started walking. The other boys were far ahead of us. He turned his head towards me. "The boys and I are sharing a little flat here in town."

The boys turned left ahead of us. "What's your name?" he asked after a small break. He kept on looking forward. "Emma."

"Well, hello Emma," he said and shook my hand. "I'm Niall, but I think you already know that." his face lighted up in a smile. I looked shyly on the ground smiling. He was nice to me. Despair all the fame and fortune, he was completely calm and down to earth. They all were. I liked that about them.

"Do you live in town?" he asked again. "Um.. Yes and no." I answered slowly.

"How is that?" he looked confused down to my face. "They divorced.." I answered. He figured the rest out. "Oh.. I'm sorry..". "Don't be." I interrupted, and stopped walking. Their divorce didn't harm me. I was more than happy for it.

My 'dad' was not my real father. My mother was married to him when I was younger. He literally just hated me from the start. Of curse he didn't do anything when my mother was around. She said I should call him 'dad' instead of John. My real father lived far away with his new girlfriend. I liked her. She was nice. But my mom still lived with John. That horrible man. I couldn't bare the thought of her, believing in his 'innocence'. My older brother, Tom, liked him though. John treated him like his real son.

We turned the corner just in time to see Zayn walk up a stair and into a huge house standing alone in the street. My gaze studied the house from the outside. It was white, with a beautiful coloured front garden. "Do you live here?" I surprised asked. "Yup." he answered. "It's very beautiful." I said looking around. He smiled at me. "Come." he walked up the stair and opened the door for me.


The house was just as beautiful on the inside as outside. Expensive furniture decorated the living room. I heard laughing voices from the kitchen. "Niall?" a voice yelled. "Yeah." he confirmed, closing the door behind me. His gaze was placed on me as I hang my jacket on the hanger. Then Liam entered the room, looking down on the two glass in his hands. Niall turned against him. "Niall, we've ma..." Liam stopped when he looked up and saw me. "Oh...." his eyes was wide open. "Um, boys?" he said slowly. Harry, Zayn and Louis entered the room, also with glass in their hands. "What?.." they said and laid their surprised gaze on me.

"Niall...?" they said. "What?" he asked. "I invited her in." his eyes were sparkling as he looked at me. I shyly smiled. "All right then.." Louis sighed, and smiled also. A huge smirk appeared on Niall's face. "Come." he said and dragged me away holding on my wrist. "Where are we going?". He dragged me out in the kitchen. Again, they'd used a lot of money. I tried to get used to all this, we weren't that rich in my family. The whole flat was guaranteed filled up with fancy expensive stuff.

"Want some?" Niall asked. His question tore me away from the fantasy. "Um.. What?" I asked confused and removed my focus from the decoration to his face. My gaze wandered down his body an fell on the plate with some tiny drinks in his hand. He smiled silly and looked at me. "Do you want something to drink?" he asked again, a bit clearer.

"Oh, um.. Yes." I said with my hand to my head. He handed my the glass. I saw on him, waiting for some info. "It's just a mix the boys and I make." he said trying to convince my suspicion. I watched him as I slowly drank it. He looked at me, waiting for a response. "It's good." I said. I could easily taste the alcohol, but some thing sweet overwhelmed it. He smiled at me as an answer. "Empty, boys?" he yelled over his shoulder. Some loud 'Yes' could be heard from the living room. He smiled at the ground, and carried the plate over to the boys, with little me in his heels.

I took a short look outside the window. It was turning really dark now. I kept on thinking about the man on the street. What if he was hiding in one of the bushes right now, and looked at me with his sticking eyes?

Again I was ripped out of my fantasy. "Emma?". Niall sat in the couch close to the window with Louis. Harry, Zayn and Liam sat in the other, close to the door. I turned to the sight of them all, staring at me, staring out of the window like a silly fool. "Take a seat." he said, and knocked gently on the couch. "Thank you." I said and wandered over to the couch. Before I sat down beside him, I clearly felt the boys watching me. "So, Emma," Liam began. "Do you live here in town?". "Yes." I answered. My mind was hoping that they wouldn't start asking so many questions about me. Liam nodded and looked down his drink. A deep silence appeared in the room. My gaze wandered from boy to boy and stopped at Niall. "How about playing a little game?" Zayn asked with a smirk on his face. Louis immediately knew was he was up to and continued also with a smirk on his face. "I like the way you think. So, boys! Grab your glass!" he exclaimed. It seemed like everyone except me knew this game. I closely watched them, as they took their glass, raised from the couch and got on the floor. "Who starts?" Harry asked. All the boys looked at Niall with smirks on their faces. "I think Niall should start." Liam said. Niall sighed. "All right." He sat his glass on the table and walked down to the kitchen. He grabbed a clean glass, filled it with water and placed it carefully on his head. I raised to have a closer look and I ended to stand next to Zayn. "What is this for a kind of game?" I asked him. "He's gonna try to walk out here without spilling. Hazza and Lou are gonna try to make him spill the water by making him laugh. And if he spills the water before reaching here, he have to empty a drink in one drag." he explained. I watched as Niall started walking, Louis and Harry moving towards him. I don't think Niall was so good at this. Just as they stood in front of him, he fell on his knees, laughing. The glass fell on the floor too. I liked the way he laughed. But though, I didn't understand what they've done that could make him laugh so fast. "L-l-look at their faceees!!" Niall giggled from the floor. Louis and Harry turned with some crazy gazes in their eyes. I couldn't stop laughing and neither could the boys. Niall got up, and grabbed his drink. I stopped laughing. "Bottoms up." he said smiling at me and emptied the glass. The boys cheered. "Who's next?" he sat down the empty glass.

Everybody had their turn. Even me. I was almost as bad as Niall. I collapsed laughing on the floor when Niall walked toward me with a huge and insane smirk on his face. We were all drunk after a little while. I laughed all the time and had the best time of my life. I felt like I ruled the world. No John, nobody to make me feel bad. I felt great, even when I trembled around the room before falling down the couch. And just as the boys, I started sleeping.


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