Feelings are hard control. Some might say it's impossible.
Niall can't control his feels for Emma, even though she has a boyfriend. What starts out as an innocence try, becomes a deeply love, as their feelings for each other grow more intense. But their love is hard to be accepted. Hate, fights and a violent gang tries to tore them apart.

Will Niall ever be able to stay with Emma? And when something unexpected happens.. Will they find a way out?


2. Chapter 2


The boys hid behind another car, just in front of the one I was just about to walk in. In fact, I was scared for their lives. I knew this man was dangerous, so what if he shot one of them? I felt guilty by the thought of them getting hurt.

The man turned his back to the boys, who sneaked up behind him. The man could barely yell before the boys were on him, wringing the gun out of his hand, and one of them pointed it against him. The fear grew in his eyes as he laid down the sidewalk, the hoodie of his face, revealing his long hair and face. The boys surrounded him so he'd no where left to run. I stood completely speechless, as the boy with the gun began to talk. "What were you up to?" he asked. "What would you've done to her?". In the light of the lampposts I took a look at the boys shoving their backs to me. There was one black haired, one light blond wearing a cap, one with some big brown curls, one with short cutted brown hair and the one holding the gun in the middle also had brown hair, but his was swung till the side.

"I think we all know that answer." the short haired said. The other boys nodded. "You would have driven her somewhere and then raped her, am I right?" the boy with the gun bend a bit down in his knees, still pointing the gun against the man. "We all know it. You take innocent girls out to rape them. I'm disgusted." he said shaking his head. The man silently looked at him with fear in his eyes.

I stood completely still, while watching them. I didn't ran away. I didn't fear for the boys life anymore. It turned the situation upside down. But they didn't look like murderers. "Get up." the curly haired said harshly. The man slowly got up, laying his mad eyes at me. The blond boy saw it and caught my eyes. He saw the worry in my eyes. "Now, go home." the curly haired said. The man kept on staring at me, ignoring his words. My breath trembled .

"Hey!" the blond shouted to him. The man looked at him. "Leave.. Now." he said in a harsh tone nodding his head over his shoulder. The man started walking in the direction we came from. The boys carefully watched him as he sent my a killing gaze turning around the corner at the lamppost. When he was gone, I sighed deeply. Then the boys slowly turned against me, staring at my surprised and choked face. My eyes wandered from person to person, while I was completely speechless. "T-Thanks." I forced my voice to speak. "Your welcome." the blond boy smiled at me. He got a little shy smile in return.

I took a proper look at the boys. A thought came down to my head, realizing that I'd seen these boys before. On TV and stuff.. Their faces was well-known in my mind.

"Oh my gosh.." I said breathlessy. "You guys are One Direction.." The boys looked at each other, with big smirks on their faces, as they looked back at me nodding.

"So..." Louis said, his gaze placed on the gun. "How did you end up with mr. Nice Guy?" he nodded towards the corner of the street. I was too choked to yell and scream out loud of bare exitement. Like 'OMFG ONE DIRECTION!!!' Though I didn't want to. Yes, I was a fan, but I wasn't that fanatic, and kept calm.

"I.. I was walking home from a party at my friend.." I took a short pause, looking down my hands, remembering the former event. "A-And then suddenly he jumped out a corner and grabbed my wrist." I saw up from my hands, tears in my eyes. "I can't thank you guys enough. If you hadn't showed up.."

I couldn't even think of what he might would have done to me.

They looked silent on me. I sniffed lightly, hidding in my hands, with the tears running down my face.

Then I felt a hand on my left shoulder. I looked up to see into Niall's blue eyes full of caring. My head was laid on his chest as he hugged me. "It's alright. You're save now." he said in my ear. He let go, and looked in my eyes. His gaze hold tight in mine. I'd never seen a more beautiful eyecolor. We stood like that for a while.

We both turned our heads as Louis loudly dropped the gun to get our attention.

"Oh! I dropped the gun!" he said with a surprised and raised voice taking his hands above his chest making a scared grimace. Niall giggled beside me, as the rest of the boys. "I'm really sorry to interrupt your little um.. small-hugging-talking I suppose, but we have to go home." Louis said smiling, and bended down to pick the gun up.

"Come on boys, let's go." Harry said nodding his head forward. Niall hold his ground as the boys started walking. "Niall!" they shouted over their shoulders.

Niall kept on looking at me as he began walking backwards. I smiled as a silly. He tilted the cap, and a smirk appeared on his face.


"ON MY WAY!" he yelled back. He looked at me ones more.

"Wanna join?" he asked pointing over his shoulder.

I was about to say no immediately, but something inside me was desperately screaming yes.

I took the chance. "Why not?" I answered with a smirk.


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