Feelings are hard control. Some might say it's impossible.
Niall can't control his feels for Emma, even though she has a boyfriend. What starts out as an innocence try, becomes a deeply love, as their feelings for each other grow more intense. But their love is hard to be accepted. Hate, fights and a violent gang tries to tore them apart.

Will Niall ever be able to stay with Emma? And when something unexpected happens.. Will they find a way out?


1. Chapter 1


1. "Let go of me!" I yelled at the man holding hard around my wrist. I knew I shouldn't had walked home after the party at Katrina's. It was late at night; the clock had past 1 am when I started walking home through the dark city. The only light came from the lampposts in the roadside. I was wearing a short dress and froze as hell, the cold summer wind blowing around me. My jacket didn't help much though I crossed my arms tightly. I didn't see the tall man in the corner before he grabbed my wrist.

"Steady now, honey, I don't wanna hurt you." his creepy voice said with a smile that matched. He was young and smelled strong of alcohol.

"Let go! Somebody, help please!" I yelled, trying to get my arm back. I desperately looked around us, trying to find help. The man's finger got up to my lips. "Shhh.." he said. I looked at him, my eyes full of disgust, and slapped his hand away with my second hand. "Don't touch me!". He looked surprised at me under his black hoodie that covered the most of his face. Then he quickly drag a hand gun out of his jacket. I gasped in fear. He noticed.

"Yeah that's right, babe." he said lifting it up beside my head. "Now, do as I say or I'll shot a bullet through your pretty little head." he threatened through his teeth and tilted his head to the side.

Suddenly I heard voices in the dark. It sounded like a couple of boys approaching the man and I. I nervously looked till the side from the corner of my eye. I was right.

A small group of five boys came round the corner at the lamppost, a few metres from were we stood. They were laughing, obviously having a great time together. The man didn't noticed them. Then one of them with dark hair styled in a quiff caught the sight of us, and stopped walking. He poked one of the other boys in the back, who stopped also, dragging the others attention. The black haired boy pointed in our direction and all the boys saw me standing with the man. "Alright, come on we're leaving." the man said and pushed me forward with the gun in my back. I quick looked at the boys over my shoulder and mimed a begging 'Help'. Luckily they saw it and walked quietly after us. I'm glad the man didn't see them.

I looked forward, trying to guess where he lead me to. An old rusty car hold in the roadside. "Get in." he said and nodded towards the car. I slowly walked up to the car, but dared taking a short look backwards to see the boys. They we're just behind us. The man kept on pointing the gun at me, with that crazy look in his eyes. I opened the door and heard a voice yell. "Hey!" it said. The man turned around immediately, to find the one who yelled. But he couldn't see anyone. Well, I could.


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