Irish did me well

A young girl from Dublin, called Emma, hates being Irish and her stupid coulty accent! But for the first time in her life (at the Justin Bieber concert) she wonders, is being Irish really a burden?


6. What just happened?

The next thing I saw was, 2 hazel eyes, a nose and a pair of lovely plush lips staring over me! Those features happened to belong to, you know, JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh yeah, he was also holding me in his car! "Hello there beautiful" he said with that deep, daring voice, I've always imagined he sounded like that. I was shocked that he had even talked to me, never mind compliment me on my facial features! "Where are we?" I asked. "In my car, we are taking you to the hospital!" Justin replied. "But, why", I continued. "You had a little accident back in the arena!", Justin said. "Oh no," I thought, "I've made a show of myself by hiperventalating or something!" As if reading my mind, Justin said, "You got pushed over by some crazy fans!" he continued, "so did alot of other fans, but, they are all in seperate cars." Before I even thought I said, "Not that i'm in anyway displeased by your actions but, I must ask you something. How come I am the only one to get the pleasure of sitting in the same car as you?" Justin looked nervous when I said that, looking like he had made a decision in his head, he smirked and said, "Because, well, I need to ask you something." "Yes" I said suspiciously. "Will you go out with me?"



*okay guys I know is said I would update every week end but i will also update whenever I have the time*

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