Irish did me well

A young girl from Dublin, called Emma, hates being Irish and her stupid coulty accent! But for the first time in her life (at the Justin Bieber concert) she wonders, is being Irish really a burden?


14. Plane Ticket

I didn't know what I was doing, I was so lost. I couldn't think straight.

"Mam Im going to Justin" I spoke.

"Hun, you know how hard it's going to be to get to "Justin Beiber The Famous Singer"!?" She harshed the Justin Bieber.

"Mam I have too! I love him I wont be back for maybe a week or so I love you" I said as I kissed her cheek and went upstairs to pack. Once I finished packing, *FORGETTING I WAS STILL IN PJ'S* I went out and bought tickets to England, I started getting odd stares and I remembered... I was wearing Pj's. I shrugged my shoulders and waited an hour or so for the plane. After I got on the plane I went straight on my phone and texted my mother,

E- Hey mam! Im on the plane, everythings fine!

M- Thats great to know baby! I hope all goes well and I wish you the best!

E- Thanks ma! Ill be fine I just hope I can get to him....

M- Well I worry about you, and with the things on that paper... Just... Be careful baby

E- YES YES YES I KNOW MA!! well gtg tired (:

M- Night hun <3

E- Night mam.

After I set my phone in the pouch in front and drifted off to sleep...

-3 hours later---

We had arrived in England and I took a taxi to Justins hotel. I tried to text him but nobody answered, calling aswell. I ended up playing Office Zombie on my phone the whole way there. When we reached out destination I quick got out and ran to the hotel to Justin's door before anyone could stop me. Once I knocked someone answered the door but, it wasn't justin. It was some girl, obviously prettier then me! Justin was behind her looking shocked at me. I ran away crying hearing justin call my name, I didn't stop until I couldn't see and I ran into something... no.. someone.

It was Justin.

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