Irish did me well

A young girl from Dublin, called Emma, hates being Irish and her stupid coulty accent! But for the first time in her life (at the Justin Bieber concert) she wonders, is being Irish really a burden?


11. Amazing views

When we started walking around, i got to see how beautiful the area was. Of course Justin had to disguise himself so no fans attack him. I was enjoying the skyline and everything until Justin asked me..

"Hey, you want to go out on that lake" he smiled at me " maybe go diving in the water"?


"YES! of course i do," i chuckled "But, i dont have a swimsuit to wear".


"Oh, we can get our clothes wet, we will dry in the warm sun after".

We asked someone to rent a Pontune, and we went out on the beautiful water. Justin gave me a quick kiss before unexpectedly pushing us both into the water! When I rose and wiped my face, I gave him a sneering look and splashed him. Swimming away as fast as i could before he could catch me. I was having fun until I turned and he wasnt there. I looked around no sight of him. I started to panic, then out of nowhere he rose from the water and splashed me right in the face! I was so confused I had mixed emotions, Happy that this boy is alive and upset that we had to go.


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